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Find a Freight Forwarder in Zimbabwe

Find a Freight Forwarder in Zimbabwe with our comprehensive listing. Zimbabwe has three major airports, with Robert Mugabe International Airport (HRE) being the major port of entry for goods. The country also has international airports in Victoria Falls and Bulawayo. The country‚Äôs road network totals 88,100 km, only 20% of which is paved. Many rural areas are difficult to reach. Zimbabwe’s rail system is operated by the state-owned National Railway Zimbabwe (NRZ) and runs approximately 3,000 km of 1.067 gauge tracks connecting most major cities in the country. Zimbabwe’s primary seaports are Chalala Harbor, Binga Harbour, Kariba Harbour, and Chiredzi. The country’s top exports include gold, raw tobacco, and iron alloys.

Tinady Clearing and Forwarding
295 Ramsey Road Victoria Falls
Ph: +263773473168
Email: admiremuramani@wedapril.com

  • Based in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe
  • Offer freight customs and clearance services at Zimbabwe border posts
  • They issue commercial vehicles guarantees

ALRO Transport
Web: www.alrotransport.com/
Stand 18418/9 Mukuvisi Office Park,
Msasa, Harare
Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe
Ph: +26377246343/5
Email: enquiries@alrotransport.com

  • Currently offer a fleet of 155 Zimbabwean registered vehicles running tri-axle and super links
  • As well as two step deck trailers to carry abnormal cargo
  • Offer efficient cross-border road transportation at affordable prices

Freight solutions
Web: http://freightsolutions.co.zw/
9 Hillside Road, Hillside
Ph: +263 242 778526-8
Email: operations@freightsolutions.co.zw

  • Customs clearing services
  • Warehousing
  • Forwarding & shipping solutions

Tinmac Motors (Pvt) Ltd
Web: https://tinmac.com/
10774 St Helen’s Drive Nyakamete
Mutare, Zimbabwe
Ph: +263 20 60057
Email: info@tinmac.com

  • Transport and logistics company
  • Delivery to your customers on time anywhere in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa
  • Accepts general cargo or over-sized cargo

Web: http://gladercomfreight.com/
Old Wingflora Complex, Cargo Village,
Harare International Airport,
Harare, Zimbabwe
Ph: +263 4 585 587/8
Fx: +263 4 585 589
Email: info@gladercomfreight.com

  • Offer road, rail, sea and air freight services for bulk, break bulk and containerized cargoes
  • A fully licensed clearing agent with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA)
  • Fully bonded warehouse measuring 1000 m3 with top security and round the clock handling staff

Weighbridge Freight & Logistics
Web: www.freight.co.zw/
154 Wellington Road Beitbridge
Ph: +263 286 22782
Ph: +263 772 657 937
Email: info@freight.co.zw

  • Customs clearing
  • Transport services
  • Rail freight

Weighbridge Freight & Logistics
Web: www.freight.co.zw/
16 Prices Avenue
Mt. Pleasant
Harare, Zimbabwe
Email: info@freight.co.zw

  • Combined freight solutions
  • Road freight
  • Air freight

Zimbabwe Freight Solutions
Web: http://www.zimbabwefreight.co.zw/
1 Hood Road, Unifreight Complex,
Harare, Zimbabwe
Ph: +263 864409765
Fx: +263 772761040
Email: operations@zimbabwefreight.co.zw

  • Offer reliable forwarding by air, rail, road, sea and multi-modal
  • Warehousing
  • Customs clearance

Middleport Freight
Web: http://middleportfreight.co.zw/
No. 18 Bertram Road, Milton Park
Ph: +263-4-778-203/328
Mb: +263-77-405-7052
Email: ask@middleportfreight.co.zw

  • A logistics company which was formed in the year 2008
  • Airfreight
  • Sea freight

Middleport Freight
Web: http://middleportfreight.co.zw/
Wingflora Complex, New Cargo Village
Mb: +263-77-284-5964
Email: ask@middleportfreight.co.zw

  • Customs clearing
  • Land freight
  • Ocean groupage

Middleport Freight
Web: http://middleportfreight.co.zw/
Chawasarira Depot
Ph: +263-71-355-5252
Mb: +263-77-278-2630
Email: ask@middleportfreight.co.zw

  • Containerization
  • Airfreight consolidation
  • Other value-added services

Affluent Services International Freight
Web: http://www.affluentservices.co.zw/
Aviation Ground Services Complex
New Cargo Village
Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport
Ph: +263782100737
Email: affluentserviceszim@gmail.com

  • Customs clearance in Zimbabwe
  • Door to door services
  • Shipping from Zimbabwe to the world

Mouz Freight Services
Web: http://www.mouzfreight.co.zw/
62 Birmingham Road
Harare, Zimbabwe
Ph: +263242622044/45
Mb: +263772966836
Email: mouzfreight@gmail.com

  • Import/export customs clearances/declarations
  • Customs documentation-road, air, rail & sea
  • Customs duty calculations

Freight Cargo Handlers
Agents Building, Office 27
156 Wellington Road
Beit-bridge, Zimbabwe
Ph: +263782100737
Email: freightcargozim@gmail.com

  • Customs Broker
  • Cargo Transportation
  • Shipping