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Find a Freight Forwarder in The Comoros

Find a freight forwarder in The Comoros with our comprehensive listing. As a volcanic archipelago, the Comoros does not have a robust transportation sector. Most cargo comes into the country through one of its three seaports. The main seaport, Moroni Port, supports vessels up to 150m and has a maximum depth of 4.9 meters. Seaports in the Comoros are impeded by natural barriers such as corral reefs, which have forced the introduction of false harbors. Additionally, the presence of cyclones from December until March make the use of seaports unreliable during those months. There are four airports, all of which have paved runways. The main airport is Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport (HAH), which maintains a small cargo terminal, but nearly all cargo arrives in the Comoros by sea. There are 880 km of roads, 673 km of which are paved. The Comoros exports vanilla, perfume, cloves, and copra, and imports foodstuffs, consumer goods, and petroleum products. Its main trade partners include France, Pakistan, and China.

MAERSK – Anjouan Spanfreight Shipping SARL
Web: https://www.maersk.com/
Place de L’independence M’roni, Anjouan
Ph: +269 761 1043

  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Supply chain management
  • 4PL Logistics solutions

MAERSK – Moroni Spanfreigt Shipping SARL
Web: https://www.maersk.com/
BP 1007, Moroni Mramboini, Union des Comores
Ph: +269 7730632

  • E-commerce logistics
  • Cold chain logistics
  • Transportation services – ocean, inland

DHL Express Comoros
Web: https://www.dhl.com/
Transit Com
BP 798
Rue Oasis
Ph: +269 77 33179

  • Air and ocean freight
  • Road freight
  • Customs services

AGS Comoros Islands
Web: https://www.ags-demenagement.com/
BP 1256 Route De La Corniche
Moroni Grande Comore
Moroni Union des Comores
Ph: +269 35 20192

  • Moving services
  • Storage solutions
  • Established in more than 144 cities and 98 countries

GYP Logistics Comoros
Web: http://www.cargo.as/
P O Box 217, Mutsamudu
Anjouan Island, Comoros
Ph: +420 800 2CARGO
Ph: +420 800 222 746
Email: comoros@cargo.as

  • Air/sea freight
  • Project logistics
  • Express freight