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Find a Freight Forwarder in Delaware

Find freight forwarders in Delaware (DE) with our comprehensive listings. Delaware is ideally located for shipping and logistics along the Atlantic coast of the United States and provides easy access by highways and rail for inland destinations. Interstate 95 runs through the northern part of the state, connecting it to east coast cities from New England to Florida. The Port of Wilmington, located where the Delaware and Christina Rivers meet, is 65 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. It is a full-service deep water port and the busiest terminal on the Delaware River. Wilmington has North America’s largest dock-side refrigerated complex and is number one on the continent for imports of fresh fruit and juice concentrate.

Trinity Logistics
Web: http://www.trinitylogistics.com/
50 Fallon Avenue
PO Box 1620
Seaford, Delaware 19973
Ph: 800-846-3400
Email: marketing@trinitylogistics.com

  • A third party logistics company
  • Offers intermodal shipping
  • Offers truckload, LTL, flatbed, expedited, and international shipping services

Liquid Transport
Web: http://liquidtransport.com
729 Gramtham Lane, Unit 2
New Castle, DE 19720
Ph: 800-221-4543 | 302-325-2500
Fx: 302-325-2503
Email: dsmith@liquidtransport.com

  • Indiana-based bulk transportation leader with over 75 years experience
  • Bulk chemical service
  • Intermodal services in depot terminals include cleaning, inspection, repair, lift, storage, leasing, and transport

Bayshore Moving and Storage
Web: http://bayshoreallied.com/
901 Dawson Dr
Newark, DE 19713
Ph: 302-366-0220

  • 100 years of service
  • Experienced residential and business moving company
  • Provides long and short-term storage solutions

Burris Logistics
Web: http://www.burrislogistics.com/
501 Southeast 5th Street
Milford DE19963
Ph: 302-422-4531
Tf: 800-805-8135
Fx: 302-839-5175
Email: info@burrislogistics.com

  • 94 years proving service
  • Opens a public refrigerated warehouse in Georgia
  • Offers¬†procurement, warehousing, and distribution solutions

Burris Logistics
Web: http://www.burrislogistics.com/
1000 Centerpoint Blvd.
New Castle DE19720
Ph: 302-221-4100
Fx: 302-221-0536
Email: info@burrislogistics.com

  • Transportation business started in 1925
  • Specializing in custom retail distribution, foodservice redistribution, public refrigerated warehousing, and transportation solutions
  • Experienced in temperature-controlled food redistribution

Brooks Courier Service, Inc.
Web: http://www.brookscourier.com/
831 East 28th Street
Wilmington, DE 19802
Ph: 302-762-4661
Fx: 302-762-8935
Email: info@brookscourier.com

  • Trusted courier services since 1951
  • Offer local to regional deliveries, medical deliveries, and document shredding
  • Warehousing, and document storage services

Port to Port International
Web: http://www.porttoportshipping.com/index.html
32 Pyles Lane
New Castle, DE 19720
Ph: 302-654-2444 or 800-549-4858
Fx: 302-654-2445
Email: info@ptpshipping.com

  • 20 years of experience in ocean transportation
  • NVOCC shipping company, international freight forwarder, and terminal operator
  • Specializing in the export and transport of containers, bulk cargo, vehicles, trucks, construction, agriculture, and forestry machinery

Same Day Delivery
Web: https://www.samedaydelivery.com/
1000 N West St Suite 1200
Ph: 800-713-1000

  • A full-service third-party logistics provider specializing in same-day delivery services
  • Provides services across North America
  • Offers LTL services

Ukraine Express
Web: https://ukraine-express.com/
78 McCullough Dr.
New Castle
Delaware 19726
Ph: 973-253-0050
Email: customer@ukraine-express.com

  • Provides air transportation from the US, United Kingdom, Poland, Germany to almost any country in the world
  • Offer shipment services of cars, motorcycles, boats, construction equipment, industrial equipment, etc.
  • Handles customs clearance services

Cartainer Ocean Line
Web: https://penbrokecartainer.com/
21 Millside Drive
Delaware 19801
Ph: 302-428-0980
Fx: 908-862-4426
Email: rjames@shippingmycar.com

  • Can handle all auto and container shipping
  • Provides warehousing and logistics services
  • Licensed FMC and NVOCC

A2 Global Shipping
Web: http://www.a2globalshipping.com/us/de/newark
2090 Stafford Way, Suite 84D
Delaware 19711
Ph: 302-570-0406

  • Provides commercial and personal effects shipment services throughout the USA and North America by truck, and internationally by aircraft and ocean vessel
  • Offers handling, storage, and crating services
  • Handles complete export and import options from parcels to full containers

Web: http://www.icsdelaware.com/
1020 Christiana Ave.
Delaware 19801
Ph: 302-654-1217
Fx: 302-654-6402
Email: rryan@icsdelaware.com

  • Provides multiple port services, all conveniently located in the Port of Wilmington, DE
  • Offers transloading and packaging services
  • Also provides warehousing and distribution services

Fishisfast, LLC
Web: https://www.fishisfast.com/
15 Boulden Cir
New Castle
Delaware 19720
Ph: 302-689-3120
Email: support@fishisfast.com

  • Providing services since 2007
  • Specialist in parcel forwarding
  • Offers packing, shipping, and moving services

XPO Logistics, Inc.
Web: https://xpo.com/
104 Park Ave.
Delaware 19973
Ph: 302-629-5228

  • Offers expedited freight transport by land, air, sea, or a combination
  • Can handle FTL and LTL shipments
  • Provides supply chain management solutions

Blue Marble Global Services, LLC
Web: http://www.bluemarblelog.com/
800 King Street, Suite 102
Delaware 19801
Ph: 302-661-4390
Fx: 302-661-4398
Email: info@bluemarblelog.com

  • An asset-based logistics company open 24/7
  • Offers FTL and LTL services
  • Can handle white glove services, courier services, and any logistic management

Capes Shipping Agencies
Web: http://www.capesshipping.net/
Tug Murray Building 11 Gist Road
Delaware 19801
Ph: 302-427-0440
Fx: 302-427-0448
Email: capesde@capesshipping.net

  • Offers full cargo documentation, including bills of lading, manifests, and statement of facts
  • Handles major bulk exporters of coal, grain, and other cargoes
  • Warehouse and logistics management services

Web: https://www.ups.com/
15994 S Dupont Highway
Delaware 19952
Ph: 800-742-5877

  • Provides local and global shipping services by air and sea
  • Expert in handling e-commerce solutions
  • Offers customs brokerage services

Penbroke Marine Services Inc
Web: https://penbrokecartainer.com/
21 Millside Drive
Delaware 19801
Ph: 302-428-0980
Fx: 908-862-4426
Email: rjames@shippingmycar.com

  • A full-service shipping company licensed by FMC and NVOCC
  • A customs house broker
  • Can handle transport and documentation of autos, commercial products, and household goods in All U.S. ports

AMH Bulk
Web: https://www.amhbulk.com/
8805 E Newton Road
Ph: 302-337-0300
Ph: 302-337-0316
Email: jason@amhbulk.com

  • A third-party logistics solution in the dry bulk transport industry since 2010
  • Offer services along the entire East Coast and the Midwest
  • Provides trucking services with a fleet of end dump, walking trailer, belt dump, and dry bulk dump

Web: http://yrc.com/
316 Churchmans Rd
New Castle
Delaware 19720
Ph: 302-322-5111
Email: jason@amhbulk.com

  • Offers FTL and LTL services including residential direct, truckload direct, express direct
  • Provides domestic services by ocean¬†transport
  • Also provides services to Mexico and Canada