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Find a Freight Forwarder in Sudan

Find a freight forwarder in Sudan with our comprehensive listing. Sudan built its first railways in the 1890s, connecting the north of the country to Khartoum. Sudan now has more than 2,800 miles of narrow-gauge, single-track railroads that provide access to the central and northern part of the country. The railway system in Sudan is capable of moving a massive volume of agricultural commodities produced in the country at low cost. Port Sudan, located in the Red Sea channel, has been the entry point for Sudan for more than 10 decades. It mainly handles general cargo, livestock, cement, containers, oil products, pesticides, and cars. Another way of moving goods around the country is through river transport on the Nile. In a few years, the Sea Ports Corporation will complete the development of a new oil terminal for the export of oil products.

Seair Logistics Ltd
Web: www.seair-sudan.com
Bajsir Building, Down Town (Alsoog)
Block No (10), Plot No 1/2
Port Sudan, Sudan
Ph: +249-3118-31331
Fx: +249-3118-21689
Email: logistics@seair-sudan.com

  • Provides ship agency and stevedoring services
  • Offering a diverse range of transportation (by air, sea, road) warehousing, freight forwarding, chartering, customs clearance
  • Provides a complete door-to-door service to deliver your goods to any destination

Sea Pride Enterprise (SPE)
Web: http://www.spesudan.com/
P.O Box 76
Port Sudan, Sudan
Ph: + 249-3118-20583
Fx: +249-3118-20473
Email: info@spesudan.com

  • Established as a family business in 1932
  • Leading shipping supply and logistical service providers in the country
  • Offers air & sea¬†freight forwarding, marine insurance, inland transport, and customs¬†clearance

Lean Logistics Co.
Web: http://www.leanlogisticsco.com/
Algerif West ‚Äď Bashier Elnefeidi Street
House # (327) ‚Äď 3rd Floor
Khartoum ‚Äď Sudan
Ph: +249-1 (83) 524424
Fx: +249-(9) 01232929
Email: inquiries@leanlogisticsco.com

  • Warehousing –¬†provide free storage for export shipments and 3days free for import shipments
  • Inland transportation – local transportation to all Sudan cities and within the border of Khartoum City
  • Customs clearance –¬†Import and Export custom clearance services at Khartoum Airport and Port Sudan Sea Port

Onex Global Forwarding
Web: http://www.onexsd.com/
Arkaweet East of Green Square Airport
Sreet (Africa) Bein Sport Tower
Khartoum, Sudan
Ph: +249-1 (83) 527027
Fx: +249-(9) 20310000

  • Offer complete inland transportation services from or to any city in Sudan;
  • Export and import air freight consolidations and door to door delivery
  • Customs brokerage, warehousing, distribution and delivery

Darka For Trading & Services Co. Ltd.
Web: https://darkagroup.com/
Tahir Ezzat Building
Port Sudan,
The Republic of Sudan PO.BOX 931
Ph: +249 3118 30444
Fx: +249 3118 39353
Email: sudan@darkagroup.com

  • Exporting Sudanese agricultural commodities to international customers
  • Imports various commodities Like Trucks Tires, Trucks Spare parts, Forklifts, and various other products to Sudan and other African markets
  • Provides first class Shipping Agencies, Stevedoring, Handling, Crewing, Supplying

Coastal Shipping Co.
Web: http://www.coastalsudan.com/
Port Sudan Stadium street
Sweet Corner Building, 1st floor
Port Sudan
Ph: +249 3118 25870
Fx: +249 3118 23241
Email: coastal@coastalsudan.com

  • Privately owned shipping, maritime and logistics services provider
  • Ship agency -liner/tramp, container agency, stevedores, offshore services
  • Offer¬†container liner service (FCL) or break bulk liner services (LCL)

Wingee Shipping Agency
Web: http://wingeeshipping.com/
Al Baraak Building
In front of Judges Club
Port Sudan
Ph: +249 3118 34405
Fx: +249 3118 34416
Email:  info@wingeeshipping.com

  • Built its reputation of more than ten years experience in handling grain for Sayga Flour Mills
  • Provides services to many of its customers inside Sudan and in export to The North and East Africa region and to the GCC states
  • Services include and not limited to shipping, stevedoring, clearance, and logistics

Blue Water Logistics Company Ltd.
Web: http://logistics.sd/
Badr Street, Al Tayef
P.O. Box 11606 Khartoum
Ph: +249-183-214771
Fx: +249-183-214770
Email:  info@logistics.sd

  • Ethiopian Airlines Cargo GSA
  • Freight Forwarding (Air/Sea)
  • Warehousing & Staging
  • Inventory Control

Cargo Navigators Shipping & Logistics
Web: http://cnsudan.com/
Ibrahim Al Barbary Building #1
Sharifa Maryam Street
Port Sudan
Ph: +249 9047-06404
Fx: +249-3118-20102
Email: sales@cnsudan.com

  • A global network of about 630 Offices in 322 cities spread across 128 countries worldwide
  • Arrange professional customs clearance service for sea and air shipments
  • LCL handling services

Worldwide Movers Sudan Ltd.
Web: http://www.wwm-sudan.com/
Block 51, Street 14, Al Taif
Khartoum, Sudan
Ph: +249 183 522145
Fx: +249 960 220220
Email: wwmaf@wwm-sudan.com

  • Fully equipped to handle both inbound and outbound shipments of household and personal effects, by air and sea
  • Overseas packing and crating
  • Storage at Worldwide Movers

Aerolog Africa
Web: https://www.aerologafrica.com/
Nile Avenue, Sudanese Kuwaiti Building
Email: sudan@aerologafrica.com

  • Logistics provider across all modes including road, sea, and air
  • Offers customs clearance & brokerage services
  • Licensed and specialized in handling dangerous goods shipments

Falls Global Forwarding Co. Ltd.
Web: http://www.fgf-sd.com/
Khartoum Cargo Village, HARTOUM CARGO VILLAGE,
Khartoum International Airport – Office No. 13
Ph: +249 121 333367
Ph: +249 121 333362
Email: info@gfgf-sd.com

  • Offers domestic or international delivering and logistics solutions
  • Provides warehousing and distribution solutions
  • Handles customs clearance and related customs compliance

PAW Freight & Shipping Ltd.
Web: https://www.pawfreight.com/
Building 01-Street 39-Block 8
P.O.Box 35 – 1112 Khartoum Airport
Khartoum, Khartoum SW
Ph: +249 155 189090
Fx: +249 83 580283
Email: info@pawfreight.com

  • Provides door-to-door delivery service of “everything” from minor parcels, personal effects, and relocation of household goods
  • Offers storage space for 12,000MT / up to 4,200 m2 per warehouse including temperature-controlled storage for volumes up to 60 m3
  • Also provides full customs clearance services

Somarain Oriental Shipping Co. Ltd 
Web: http://www.somarain-sdn.com/
Bldg No. 25 ‚Äď Block No.11, Elamarat – Street No. 51
Elamarat, Khartoum
P.O. Box 4075 Khartoum-Sudan
Ph: +249 183 460924
Fx: +249 183 468600
Email: info@somarain-sdn.com

  • Provides ocean forwarding service includingFCL- LCL
  • Handles customs clearance requirements and compliance
  • Offers inland transport¬† solutions

IMA Distinguised Service 
Web: http://www.ima-sudan.com/
Shipping Complex, Hashim Gabani Building,
Ground Flour
Port Sudan
Ph: +249 311 827261
Fx: +249 311 827271
Email: sudan@ima-sudan.com

  • Forwarding services include freight transport by air, sea, and land
  • Offers supply chain management solutions
  • Provides warehousing and distribution services

Atlantic Shipping Co. Ltd.
Web: http://www.atlanticsudan.com/
5 Bank of Khartoum Street
Bur Sudan
Ph: +249 3118 28392
Email: hisham.baasher@atlanticsudan.com

  • Handling shipping services including a breakbulk, heavy lift and container carriers
  • Offers warehousing and brokerage solutions
  • Provides air freight services for import and export of general goods and dangerous goods

Crown for Multi Activities Co. Ltd.
Web: http://cma-sudan.com/
Arkaweet ‚Äď Souq Altanya, Block 65 ‚Äď Building 38 ‚Äď 1st Floor
PO Box 7360 Khartoum
Ph: +249 183 238800
Fx: +249 183 228800
Email: info@cma-sudan.com

  • Providing logistics solutions since 2009
  • Offers warehousing and 3PL logistics services
  • Provides air freight transport solutions

Kalzac Consolidated Services Ltd
Web: http://www.kalzac.com/
No. 3-4, 3rd Floor, Al Mubarak Building, Hurriah Street
P.O.Box: 1121, Khartoum
Ph: +249 183 781232
Fx: +249 183 781339
Email: info@kalzac.com

  • Provides air, land, and ocean transportation services
  • Handles heavy and non-standard loads, dangerous goods (including explosives for the oil and mining industry) and pipeline conveyance
  • Offers full customs clearance and brokerage services

Aman Freight
Web: http://amanfreight.com/
KRT (3), Block #7, No. 13
P.O.BOX – Khartoum
Ph: +249 927275625
Fx: +249 927275625
Email: af@amanfreight.com

  • Offers charter service worldwide
  • Provides international sea and air transport
  • Handles customs clearance requirements

Web: http://dahla.net/
SDC Building 8th Floor, Amarat Street #17
Ph: +249 183 472310
Fx: +249 183 472309
Email: dahlakrt@dahla.net

  • Provides air and sea freight services for import and export shipments
  • Handles multimodal operations
  • Offers customs clearance and delivery solutions

Asfar Logistics
Web: asfar.co.uk
Khartoum Cargo Village
Airport Road
Khartoum, Sudan
Tel: +249 123227720 / 27
Email: tigani.halim@asfar.co.uk

  • Experienced Air, Sea & Land Freight Forwarders
  • Consolidators
  • Customs Clearance Brokers
  • Projects Handlers

Alwatania Shipping & Logistics Services
Web: http://www.alwataniashipping.com/
Trnseet Block 4, Building Number 28
Port Sudan
Ph: +249912310401
Email: agency@alwataniashipping.com

  • One of the Sudanese companies leading providers of end-to-end supply chain solutions
  • Warehousing
  • Ocean freight
  • Road freight

Falcon Shipping Co. Ltd.
Web: http://falconshippingco.com/
Aabu Sin Street
Khartoum, Sudan
Ph: +249918280808

  • Logistics services
  • With vast experience in shipping and handling cargo
  • Provides safe delivery of cargo