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Find a Freight Forwarder in Equatorial Guinea

Find a Freight Forwarder in Equatorial Guinea with our comprehensive listing. The transportation infrastructure of Equatorial Guinea rests on its main ports and network of roads. There are 2,880 km of roads in the country, but most of them are not paved. They consist primarily of dirt roads outside of the cities which are susceptible to rain and mudslides. There are no railways in the country. The main airport is Malabo International Airport (SSG), which is located on Bioko Island. There are also seven other airports. There are four main seaports in Equatorial Guinea. The main port is Bata Port, which has a capacity to handle four 20,000 ton vessels at one time. The water depth is 76 feet in the channel and 36 feet at the cargo pier. The country also maintains one merchant marine ship. Equatorial Guinea exports crude petroleum, petroleum gas, acyclic alcohols, rough wood, and gold while importing cars, beer, poultry meat, other furniture, and gas turbines.

Bolloré Logistics
Web: https://www.bollore-logistics.com/
Carretera de Puerto
Ph: +240 555 435 443

  • Air transport
  • FCL, LCL
  • Overland transport

AGS Equatorial Guinea
Web: https://www.agsmovers.com/
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
Ph: +240 555 266 850

  • Has an extensive network of 144 locations in 96 countries
  • 19 years‚Äô experience in the moving industry
  • Removal and storage services

Akon Logistics Management Ltd.
Web: https://www.akonlogistics.com/
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
Email: info@akonlogistics.com

  • 20 years of experience in providing logistics services in Equatorial Guinea
  • Customs clearance
  • Provide a full range of local and global logistics services

Confort Services SL
Web: https://confortservicessl.negocio.site/
Alcaide Main Park
Equatorial Guinea
Ph: +240 222 634 796

  • Parcel services
  • Logistics management
  • Purchase management
  • International shipping service

Waka Send SL
Web: https://wakasendsl.com/
Presidential Zone,
Calle del Triunfo, s / n
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
Ph: +240 555-434-971
Email: info@wakasendsl.com

  • Courier and parcel services
  • Specialty is urgent urban and interurban transport
  • Removals and cargo transport

Web: http://www.image-sa.com/
Airport Rd., Km.4
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
Ph: +240 333 099 667

  • Ocean freight
  • Airfreight
  • Inland transport

Web: http://www.image-sa.com/
Ctra. Bome s/n
Bata, Equatorial Guinea
Ph: +240 222 586 765

  • Customs clearance
  • Warehouse facilities