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Find a freight forwarder in Madagascar

Find a freight forwarder in Madagascar with our comprehensive listing. Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa. The country consists of Madagascar Island as well as numerous smaller islands. Most goods are imported or exported through the country’s seaports.¬†Madagascar has 17 seaports, although only five have adequate facilities to offer commercial services such as docking, offloading, and storing freight. The commercial ports include Antsiranana, Toliara, Vohemar, Toamasina, and Tolagnaro. The port of Toamasina accounts for almost 75% of the freight received through seaports. The country has 126 airports with six locations capable of international and domestic flights. Although the country has opened its airspace to other carriers, it does not have daily flights in and out of the country. Madagascar has two railroads. One services the eastern part of the island, and the other has a route through the southeast. The eastern railway is privately held, while the southeastern is government controlled.¬†Madagascar’s infrastructure of roads and railways limits its ability to deliver goods inland. Air freight may not arrive daily, which is why¬†80% of all goods are received at one of the country’s ports.

Bollore Transport & Logistics
Web: https://www.bollore-logistics.com/
Zone de Fret Aéroport Ivato,
105 Antananarivo
Ph: +261 20 22 461 09

  • Direct flights and consolidated shipments
  • Urgent transport ‚Äď AOG, 24/7
  • Aircraft chartering

Bollore Transport & Logistics
Web: https://www.bollore-logistics.com/
8 rue Maréchal Joffre,
201 Antsiranana
Ph: +261 20 82 213 15

  • Repacking & labeling
  • Omni-channel warehousing
  • Centralized customs clearance

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
Web: https://www.hellmann.com/
Immeuble Tecno Mobile 2 eme etage
Lot 001 A Bis Ambohibao Antehiroka,
101 Antananarivo
Ph: +261 20 24 215 99
Email: Noella.Razafindralambo@hellmann.com

  • Air freight and sea freight
  • Contract Logistics
  • Road freight

DHL Global Forwarding
Web: https://www.dhl.com/
Immeuble DHL Global Forwarding,
Lot 90 E Ambohibao Antehiroka
Antananarivo, 105
Ph: +261 20 22 328 33

  • Customs services
  • Door-to-door solution

UPS (Agent)
Web: https://www.ups.com/
Building B09/10 ‚Äď Zone Flatex
BP 1555 101 Antananarivo Madagascar
Ph: +261 20 222 6903
Email: cem@velogic-mg.com

  • Air and ocean freight
  • Ground freight
  • Brokerage

Expo Freight Madagascar Ltd
Web: https://efl.global/
Lot F-Escalier A – Tana water front,
1ère étage, Ambodivona,
Antananarivo 101, Madagascar
Ph: +261 20 22 39897
Fx: +261 20 22 39897
Email: mdg-info@efl.global

  • Freight forwarding – air, ocean, land
  • Third-party logistics
  • Supply chain solutions

IBL Logistics
Web: https://ibllogistics-madagascar.com/
04, Rue Pasteur, Antanimena,
antananarivo 101, madagascar
Ph: +261 20 22 666 22
Email: madcourrier@ibllogistics.mg

  • Air shipments –
  • Sea Freight
  • Customs Brokerage

LMI Madagscar
Web: http://www.lmi-line.com/
Cap 3000 1ère Etage
Andraharo, Tananarivo
Ph: +261 20 23 240 20
Email: contactmg@lmi-line.org

  • Freight car
  • Road transport
  • 3PL

WALE Export Shipping
Web: http://www.walexport.fr/
Andraharo in front of Ballou
101 Antananarivo
Ph: (+261) 20 23 559 90
Email: info@walexport.fr

  • Transport by vehicle – school
  • Containers
  • Shipping

Express World Logistics
Web: http://www.expressworldlogistic.mg/
Lot II I 143 TER & CED Alarobia
Antananarivo 101 – Madagascar
Ph: Project cargo
Fx: +261 20 24 253 52

  • Transport Island
  • Customs Broker
  • Dangerous Goods