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Find a Freight Forwarder in the Port of Buenaventura, Colombia

Find a freight forwarder for the Port of Buenaventura, Colombia, with our comprehensive listing. Buenaventura is located on the Pacific coast of Colombia on Cascajal Island. The port connects to the mainland via a road bridge. It handles bulk sugar, grain, vehicles, containers, and fertilizers. About 1,300 vessels visit the port each year, carrying 8.5 million tons of cargo and 707,500 TEUs. The port has a maximum depth of 32 feet. Its facility includes terminals for break bulk, container, dry bulk, and liquid. Petroleum and liquid chemicals pass through the port as well.

Web: https://jefgroup.com.co/
Calle 5 #8-55 M. Camila Building
Cundinamarca Street
Buenaventura, Colombia
Ph: +51 3164991064

  • Provides port logistics services
  • Import and export processes
  • Cargo handling services inside and outside maritime terminals

DHL Global Forwarding
Web: https://www.dhl.com/
Calle 8ª No 2B-22 Oficina 601 , Edificio Puerto Verde
Buenaventura, Colombia
Ph: +57 2 2411055

  • International & Domestic Shipments
  • Optional Cargo Insurance
  • Direct Full (FTL) & Part (PTL) Truck Loads

DHL Global Forwarding
Web: https://www.dhl.com/
Calle 67 Norte No. 7N -59 , Edificio Procasan Piso 3
Cali, Buenaventura, Colombia
Ph: +57 2 4852929

  • Door-to-door service with other options available
  • Optional Customs Brokerage

Web: https://www.serlinpo.com/
Ph: +57 312 5073808
Email: management@serlinpo.com

  • Load and unload merchandise to any type of vehicle
  • Carry out the labeling and marking of your merchandise
  • Carry out all kinds of packaging according to the type of merchandise

Columbus International Freight Forwarders
Web: https://columbusinternational.net/
Buenaventura: Calle 3 # 3-46 Oficina 401, piso 4,
edificio María Fernanda
Ph: +57 3133990356
Fx: +57 3102851670

  • Air transport
  • Ground transport
  • International Insurance
  • Customs Agency

Amil Cargo SAS
Web: https://amilcargo.com/
Carrera 71 # 21 ‚Äď 19, Oficina 8A
CC Montevideo Plaza
Bogot√°, Colombia
Ph: +57 601 7440069

  • Bulk Load
  • Semi-mass load
  • Urban distribution

Web: http://www.coltanques.com.co/
Av. Portuaria Edificio Colfecar, Local 39 y 40
Buenaventura, Colombia
Ph: +57 22423281
Fx: +57 22418272
Email: seleccion@coltanques.com.co

  • Bulk Load
  • Transportation of inputs, raw materials, intermediate products (dry cargo) other than a finished product whose packaging unit is normally loose cargo, big bag, pallet, etc.
  • Distribution management
  • Storage

Web: https://saclogistica.com/
Centro Empresarial Cabecera – Calle 7a No. 4-12
Buenaventura, Colombia
Ph: 304 2156208
Ph: 302 3445036
Email: pqrs@saclogistica.com

  • Cargo transportation in full quotas of vehicles, from the origin established by the client for a single recipient
  • Semi-mass transportation
  • Multimodal transport

Carga Masiva
Web: https://www.cargamasiva.co/
Calle 72 N¬į 42-103 Of. 118 Centro Comercial Capricentro
Buenaventura, Colombia
Ph: (4) 6049947
Email: servicioalcliente@cargamasiva.com.co

  • Merchandise transports
  • Transportation of dangerous goods
  • Storage

Web: https://www.magnum.com.co/
Calle 16 N¬į 41-210 La Compa√Ī√≠a Building
Ph: +57 (4) 604 99 29 Ext. 1702

  • Air transport of imports and exports
  • Maritime transport of imports and exports
  • Consolidated loose cargo transportation
  • Customs formalities