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Find a Freight Forwarder in Eritrea

Find a Freight Forwarder in Eritrea with our comprehensive listing. The logistics infrastructure of Eritrea is tied to its strategic location on the Red Sea. There are 4,010 km of roads in the country, 874 of which are paved. Roads are ranked according to service capacity and can be classified as primary, secondary, or tertiary. There are also 317 km of railways which consist of 950 mm gauge track. There are two main seaports in Eritrea, Assab Port and Massawa Port. Massawa Port has six berths, including two with roll-on/roll-off capacity. Assab Port is smaller and can facilitate seven ships at one time, but also includes an oil refinery. There are 21 airports in the country, but only three of them have paved runways. The main airport is Asmara International Airport (ASM). Eritrea trades primarily with Italy, Sudan, China, and Egypt. Their main imports are machinery, petroleum products, food, and manufactured goods. The country exports food, livestock, small manufactures, sorghum and textiles.

BC Marine Services
Web: http://bc-marine.com/
Warsay Street 189, SA Building 7th Floor Suit 703 & 704
Asmara, Eritrea
Ph: +291 1 202672
Email: bcmarine@tse.com.er

  • Import & export ocean/sea/air freight
  • Customs clearance
  • Project Cargo handling
  • Warehousing services

MTD Enterprises PLC
198-9 Street 11-19, Gheza Banda
Zoba Maakel, 1A198, Eritrea
Ph: +291 (0)7 113293
Fx: +291 (0)1 112295

  • Air and sea freight services
  • Inland transport
  • Warehousing and storage

Eritrean Shipping & Transit
Web: https://www.nmtshipping.com/
Agency Services Eritrea
P.O. Box 193 Asmara
Ph: +291 1123022
Fx: +291 1124422
Email: ayoub.sharif@nmtshipping.com

  • Worldwide shipment of cars, trucks, trailers, and all other self-propelled or rolling cargo
  • Deep-sea and short-sea RoRo vessels
  • Able to transport all types of vehicles