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Find a Freight Forwarder in Lesotho

Find a freight forwarder in Lesotho with our comprehensive listing.¬† Lesotho is a small landlocked country sandwiched between South Africa and Botswana. It has few natural resources and an extremely limited manufacturing sector (such as textiles), leaving Lesotho with few exports besides agricultural produce such as maize, sorghum, livestock products such as wool, and some minerals. Lesotho is also home to a smelter for the world’s primary source of cobalt ore. Lesotho’s main export is diamonds. Other important industries include agriculture, manufacturing (lumber), wool production, and meat products.¬† The state’s only deep water port is the Maseru port in its capital city, Maseru. The port is small, and few large vessels can fit through the channel to load and offload cargo. The Lesotho government is planning on building a new port in Letseng, which will have better depth and more facilities than the Maseru port. This new port could potentially handle larger ships than the current one. There are no commercial or private airports in Lesotho. It is accessible only via its border with South Africa or via its border with Botswana.


Xpress Couriers
Web: https://www.xpcouriers.com/
Suit 106, Victoria Hotel, 100 Kingsway,
Maseru, Lesotho
Ph: +266 22320358
Email: office@xpcouriers.com

  • Courier service
  • Multimodal freight solutions
  • Cross-border Logistics Solutions
  • Air and sea freight

The Laser Transport Group
Web: https://www.stuttafordvanlines.co.za/
14/15 Lioli Road Industrial Area Maseru West
Maseru Lesotho 105
Ph: +266 22323966
Email: venus.havenga@stuttafordvanlines.com

  • International and national move
  • Storage
  • Drop n Go
  • Packing and Loading

Dorcas Logistics
Web: http://www.dorcaslogistics.co.ls/
Block A , Teba Complex
Moshoeshoe Road, Fokothi
Maseru, Lesotho
Ph: +266 2833 3200 / 2232 7193
Mb: +266 2832 7193 / 5022 1306
Email: info@dorcaslogistics.co.ls

  • Transport and Forwarding of import and local cargo
  • Clearance of vehicle imports for SA and Neighboring countries
  • Customs Clearance for general cargo. Lesotho borders clearances and acquittal services

Web: https://www.interfreight.co.ls/
14 & 15 Lioli Road
Maseru Industrial Area
Maseru 0100, Lesotho
Ph: (+266) 22312 853
Email: info@interfreight.co.ls

  • Interfreight Cargo (Imports & Exports)
  • Warehousing
  • Cross Border Transport
  • Customs Clearance

Web: https://www.kayhil.co.ls/
14 ‚Äď 16 Lioli Road
Industrial Area Maseru
Ph: + 266 22 324791
Fx: +266 22 324554/ 64
Email: csa1@kayhil.co.ls

  • Provides an expedited Freight / Courier Service to/from Lesotho daily
  • Same Day Service to/from South Africa and Lesotho
  • Customs Clearance of both Imports and Exports to/from Lesotho
  • Storage is available in Maseru and Johannesburg

Ravens Freight
Web: https://ravensfreight.co.za/contact/
51 Commercial Street,
Mooi River, 3300
Ph: 033 263 2300
Fx:033 263 2300

  • Transport solutions ranging from small freight to larger 34-ton loads across South Africa
  • Warehousing facilities
  • Mechanized handling