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Find a Freight Forwarder in Sierra Leone

Find a freight forwarder in Sierra Leone using our comprehensive listing. Sierra Leone has three ports — Freetown, Pepel, and Sherbro Island. Freetown is the country’s principal port with a harbor depth of 32 feet. The port has a multipurpose terminal, a main storage terminal, and a grain and bulk handling terminal. Container ships must be scanned which limits the number of vessels that can be processed to 100. Pepel sits on the Sierra Leone River and is dedicated to shipping iron ore. It handles about 400,000 tons of ore annually for ships with a depth of less than 39 feet. Sherbro Island’s port is south of Freetown with an anchorage of 35 feet. Like Pepel, its primary cargo comes from mining. Bauxite is the port’s primary export.

Belarix Logistics 
Web: https://www.belatrixlog.com/
189 Hamilton Road,
Freetown, Sierra leone
Ph: +232 7971 1149
Email: info@belatrixlog.com

  • Sea Freight Services
  • Consultancy & Customs Documentations
  • Clearing & Forwarding

Bolloré Logistics
Web: https://www.bollore-logistics.com/
Deep Water Quay, Cline Town,
Freetown, Sierra leone
Ph: +232 7660 8226

  • Offers a full range of multimodal services
  • Air and ocean transport
  • International door-to-door shipment of documents and small packages

Imatrix101 Limited
Web: https://www.imatrix101.com/
39 Adelaide Street
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Ph: +232 7627 3551
Email: info@imatrix101.com

  • Customs Brokerage
  • Operate a large and diverse fleet of haulage equipment and heavy-duty vehicles
  • International and domestic transport

ISS Global Forwarding (SL) Ltd
Web: https://iss-globalforwarding.com/
1st Floor
48 Berwick Street
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Ph: +232 8 800 2260 – 2
Email: slfna.ops@iss-gf.com

  • Air and ocean freight services
  • Contract logistics
  • Road freight

Prymx  Logistics
Web: https://prymxlogistics.com/
62 New England Vill,
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Ph: +232-73-13-39-54
Email: info@prymxlogistics.com

  • Full Truckload (FTL) Shipping
  • International air and ocean freight
  • Packaging
  • Warehousing

Global Courrier Logistics
Web: https://globalcourrierlogistics.com/
149 Cline Town
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Ph: +23273090448

  • Air transport
  • Ocean freight solutions
  • Road freight
  • Rail freight logistics

Eagle Cargo Services
Web: https://www.eaglecargosl.com/
44 Lightfoot Boston Street
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Ph: +232-7611-1121
Email: info@eaglecargosl.com

  • Air express transport
  • Loose and cargo consolidation
  • Logistics chain

Empire Logistics
Web: https://empirelogisticssl.com/
16 Cline Street, Cline Town,
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Ph: +224627693360 / +23276085936
Email: info@empirelogisticssl.com

  • Operates one of the largest freight clearing and forwarding service providers
  • Handles both general cargo and project cargo
  • Transport services via sea, land, and air

IFD Logistics
Web: http://www.ifdlogistics.com/
45B Campbell Street,
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Ph: +232 78 776 302
Ph: +232 78 952 470
Email: info@ifdlogistics.com

  • Sea/Air/Land transport
  • Operate a diverse fleet of haulage equipment and heavy-duty vehicles
  • Customs Brokerage

Eagle Line Logistic
Web: https://eaglelinelogistic.co/
20 Port Loko Road,
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Ph: +232 75840775
Fx: +232 75840775 22
Email: info@eaglelinelogistic.co

  • Trucking services
  • Express services
  • Packaging and storage