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Find a Freight Forwarder in Cameroon

Find a freight forwarder in Cameroon with our comprehensive listing. Cameroon has five commercial airports with Douala International Airport (DLA) being the major port of entry for goods. The country also has international airports in Yaound√© and Garoua. Cameroon has domestic airports that contribute to the growth of local trade, including airports in Bafoussam, Bamenda, Batouri, Bertoua, Ebolowa, Maroua, Ngaound√©r√©, and Tiko. The country’s road network totals 21,266 km, only 12% of which is paved, and many rural areas are difficult to reach. Cameroon has a railroad that connects the port market in Douala to Yaound√© and stretches to the northern city of Ngaound√©r√©. This railway also hauls goods to Douala and Chad and the C.A.R. While the port of Douala is the busiest and most important seaport in the country, Cameroon also has Kribi port mainly used for the export of wood, and Limb√© used only for exports of palm oil. On the Benou√© River, Garoua is the main river port, but it is active only from July to September.

AB Universal Logistics

Web: https://www.ab-universallogistics.com/
PMB 1632 Douala
Ph: +237 681564875
Email: info@ab-universallogistics.com

  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Project cargo handling
  • Supply chain consulting
  • Cross boarder handling and documentation facilitation between,Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad,
    Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea

Gespros Shipping
Web: http://www.gesprosgroup.com/
32, Rue Gallieni Akwa
Beside Hotel la Falaise
PO BOX 5866 Douala
Ph: +237 233424706
Fx: +237 233424059
Email: contact@gesprosgroup.com

  • Provides a full range of ship agency services, husbandry, stevedoring services, logistics, special projects, and onboard vessel services
  • Deals with regular shipments of perishable or time-sensitive goods, ships spares, transit shipments or temporary imports
  • Offers secure storage, inventory control, and value-added services

Afrik Cargo Network
Web: www.afrikcargonet.com
No.4 Rue Kotto
Douala, Littoral
Ph: +237 243628611
Fx: +237 243613558

  • Foreign Company Representation Sea Shipping Importing/Exporting (full container/less than container) Value added service
  • Warehousing and Distribution, Marine insurance, Customs Brokerage
  • Haz-Mat,¬†Oversize Cargo
  • Trucking & Project Management Handling of Project Cargo Domestic / Outstation Transportation Insurance
  • Foreign Company Representation

AGS International Movers Cameroon Douala
Web: https://www.ags-demenagement.com/
43, rue Ernest Betote,
Akwa – sur le Beach,
Douala, Cameroon
Ph: +237 233429548
Email: contact@agsmovers.com

  • International removals services from and to anywhere in the world
  • Door-to-door services
  • Customs clearance

CSL Logistics
Web: http://www.csl-logistics.com/
CSL Logistics, Ndogbond Douala,
Ph: +237 23347724
Email: info@csl-logistics.com

  • A global supplier of transport and logistics solutions
  • Collects different shipments from different suppliers of a client and assembles in one secure container
  • Offers secure storage facilities at all key destinations

Global Freightage Services LTD
Web: http://www.globalfreightageservices.com/
No. 706, Boulevard de la Republique,
Bali Douala¬†–¬†00237
Ph: +237 243708988
Email: globalfreightage@gmail.com

  • Customs Brokerage (Clearing and Forwarding)
  • Door-to-door Pickup and delivery from any part of the globe to any part of Cameroon
  • Sea, air, and freight¬†road transport¬†

Aqua Cargo and Freight Ltd
Web: https://aquacargokamerun.com/
Registered HO Buea Long Street SWR.
Laison Office Guiche Unique Bonanjo
Douala, Cameroon
Ph: +237 671462942
Email: aquacargokamerun@gmail.com

  • Provides both domestic and international warehousing and distribution solutions
  • Offers IOR services in Cameroon, Chad and The Central African Republic
  • Handles domestic trucking to Ndjamena and Bangui

MTD Express Forwarding Freight Services
Web: https://multitechdevent.com/
Rue Bertaut
Ph: +237 674540066
Email: mtdexpressforwarding@gmail.com

  • Clearing and forwarding company in Cameroon since 2012
  • Offers removal and relocation and project logistics
  • Land and railway transportation service; Ocean and air freight services

Web: http://www.aarocoglobal.com/
Gare Central
De Bessengue BP 799
Doula Cameroon
Ph: +237 97912518
Email: cameroon@aarocoglobal.com

  • An international freight forwarding provides clearing of consignments from both seaport and airports in West and East Africa Sub-Region
  • Arrange transportation for bulk or packaged freight, and cargo consolidation
  • Offers international trade consultancy

MAC PAC International
Web: https://www.macpac-int.com/
660 rue des écoles
BP: 15373 AKWA
Doula Cameroon
Ph: +237 233430189
Ph: +237 233439688
Email: macpacinterdla@yahoo.fr

  • Provides transportation services by air, sea, and road
  • Specialist in the packaging of personal effects and fragile objects
  • Carries out customs formalities

Maritime Air Land
Web: http://www.mairlandlogistics.com/
PO: 173 Rue La Motte Piquet
Ph: +237 243542137
Fx: +237 233428495
Email: mairland@mairlandlogistics.com

  • Transports all kinds of goods by air, sea, road
  • Handles most customs regulations and by all means (maritime, air, road)
  • Provides door-to-door services

Cameroon Cargo Logistics Inc.
Web: https://camcargologistics.webs.com/
BP 1360 Rue
Pau, Akwa, Douala
Ph: +237 33077369
Fx: +237 33209229   
Email: camcargologistics@yahoo.com

  • Provides services such as express courier/freight service (air and ocean) around the world
  • Handles all types of shipments, from documents to heavy cargoes
  • Offers customs clearing and documentation services

Web: https://hlogcam.com/
Immeuble La Finale, Rue Joffre AKWA I
B.P. 15442 Douala
Ph: +237 22218635
Fx: +237 22218636
Email: contact@hlogcam.com

  • Offers door-to-door freight transport by truck and moving & relocation services
  • Provides FCL and LCL service
  • Facilitates customs clearance process

Golden International Trading Ltd.
Web: http://www.golden-inter.com/
Rue Mermoz Akwa Po Box 9515
Ph: +237 33420995
Fx: +237 33420995
Email: golden@golden-inter.com

  • Handles NVOCC Operations
  • Offers complete door to door service
  • Provides specialized transportation and loading for oversized or bulk cargo

3T Cameroon
Web: http://3tcameroun.com/en/
BP 12554 Douala
Ph: +237 33404170
Fx: +237 33404174
Email: info@3tcameroun.com

  • Providing port business services since 1991
  • Specializes in port operations, logistics, transportation, stevedoring, logging and handling
  • Has one-hectare-warehouse

Global Outsourcing Services Ltd.
Web: http://www.gos-ltd.com/
Immeuble YAMAHARue JoffreyAkwa
Douala P. O. Box 2513
Ph: +237 33129744
Fx: +237 96776571
Email: info@gos-ltd.com

  • Transporting containers, oil line-pipes and other bulky and less bulky goods on land
  • Can load and offload containers with up to 50 ton capacity
  • Provides daily delivery of both 20ft and 40ft ISO containers from the ports to long and short distance

Web: https://www.damco.com/
2 Maersk Place, Zone UDEAC
Ph: +237 33438443
Fx: +237 33431186
Email: cameroon.sales@damco.com

  • Offers a variety of door-to-door solution for all airfreight needs
  • Handling FCL and LCL shipments
  • Services project cargo within the oil & gas, construction, energy, maritime, mining and heavy machinery industries

Africa Shipping
Web: https://www.assacam.com/
Assacam / PPSM
Leclerc Boulevard, Fishing Port Side
BP 15167 Douala – Cameroon
Ph: +237 697400934
Fx: +237 233423768
Email: info@assacam.com

  • Offers groupage services and unbundling and forwarding in landlocked countries
  • Provides services for FCL and LCL cargo
  • Also handles budget-conscious customers with economical sub-regional rail services

Newtek Logistics Services
Web: http://www.newteklogistics.com/
Boulevard de la liberté, Akwa
P.O. Box : 15476, Douala
Ph: +237  677408898
Fx: +237 33423114
Email: info@newteklogistics.com

  • Provides air and sea freight services to any parts of the world
  • Handles customs clearance and documentation
  • Offers door to door deliveries, collections and distribution services

Setoa Cameroon
Web: http://www.setoa.it/
Rue Bonadibong Bp 15 737
Akwa – Douala
Ph: +237 33437461
Fx: +237 33437389
Email: douala@setoa.it

  • Offers transport for FCL and LCL on all the main commercial routes
  • Provides global air transport services for direct and consolidated shipments
  • Handles chartering ships, partial and complete airplanes, exceptional transports, assistance for boarding, and delivery on site anywhere in the world

Trans Africa Logistics LTD
Web: http://transafriqueltd.bloombiz.com/
Rue Port Immeuble Sake
Douala 4160
Ph: +237 680513161
Fx: +237 69780172
Email: trans.afrique@yahoo.com

  • Specialized in clearing airport merchandise, seaport clearance, rail, and road cargo clearances
  • Provide warehouse services and perform inland transit within and outside the Cameroon territory
  • Can handle inland transport through the south for cargo heading to Nigeria and Benin

Aqua Cargo Kamerun
Web: http://aquacargokamerun.com
Guiche unique Bonanjo Douala Cameroon
Tel: 237 671462942
Email: ops@aquacargokamerun.com

  • Serving Douala,Bangui and Ndjamena
  • Air Freight , Sea Freight, Inland Haulage
  • Importer and Exporter of Record

Cargo Care Cameroon
Web: www.cargocarecam.com
Douala Cameroon
Tel: 237 673728279
Email: cargocarecam@gmail.com

  • Air Freight specialist
  • Sea Freight
  • Customs agents

Atlas Cargo & Freight Cameroon
Web: www.atlascamer.com
No.14 rue du port
Tel: +237 682 369 379
Email: ops@atlascamer.com

  • We are located in Cameroon, Chad & Central African Republic
  • We are custom brokers, IOR specialists, Custom Clearing, trans-border transportation

Rainbow Express
Web: www.rainbowexpress.cm-com
Zone portuaire Douala-Cameroon
E-mail: ranb_express@yahoo.com

  • Operating within Cameroon,Central African Republic and Chad
  • Specialized in Freight forwarding both air and sea freights, Transport and Logistics, Warehousing

African InterContinental Group LL
Web: http://www.african-intercontinental.com/
PMB 12949 Bonanjo
Douala, Cameroon
Ph: +237 670282558
Email: info@african-intercontinental.com

  • Logistics solution provider
  • Air and ocean transport
  • Road freight

Worldwide Global Logistics and Forwarding
Web: http://www.wglobalogistics.com/
Po. Box: 1440
Kotto – Douala 5
Ph: +237679898969
Email: welcome@wglobalogistics.com

  • Logistics provider
  • Freight forwarder (Air Sea Land)
  • Ship agency

Universal Network Services ltd.
Web: https://uninet.biz/
Sitabac building 1st floor, Bonanjo Douala, Cameroon
New Horizon int. limbe P.O Box 571
Ph: +237 6 80738111
Fx: +237 677754290
Email: douala@uninet.biz

  • A professional custom brokers with offices in the Centre, Littoral, South and Southwest of Cameroon
  • Customs clearance of import and export goods according to applicable customs procedure
  • Transportation & logistics
  • International trade representation & security

Randy Logistics
Web: http://www.randylogistics.com/
Ph: +237 653859167
Fx: 1620
Email: randylogistics30@gmail.com

  • Services include but not limited to: export and import services
  • Customs clearing and warehousing
  • Road transportation, event planning