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Union Pacific – Las Vegas Intermodal Terminal

The Las Vegas Intermodal Facility holds a pivotal role within the UMAX network, facilitating the seamless movement of goods across diverse markets. Since 1992, it has entrusted its operations to the experienced hands of Specialized Rail Service, a testament to their longstanding partnership in the realm of intermodal logistics. Together, they’ve maintained the efficiency and reliability that’s crucial for meeting the dynamic demands of modern freight transportation in the Las Vegas area, ensuring a consistent and robust supply chain for both local and international trade.

Address: 4740 Tropical Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89030

Website: https://www.up.com/customers/premium/intmap/lasvegas/index.htm

Phone: 800-877-5123

Firms Code: 

Operating Hours: M-F: 0700-1600 / Sat-Sun: Closed

Flip Hours: M-F: 0700-1600 / Sat-Sun: Closed

Roadability Hours: M-F: 0700-1600 / Sat-Sun: Closed

RailPASS Only Lanes: 

Facility Map: Link