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Find a Freight Forwarder in Syria

Find a freight forwarder in Syria using our comprehensive listing. Syria borders the eastern Mediterranean Sea and has two commercial ports. The port of Latakia is a large commercial harbor handling most vessels including container, general cargo, tankers, roll-on/roll-off, and bulk carriers. It averages 5 million tons of cargo annually, It has a depth of 43 feet. Syria’s second commercial port is Tartous close to the Lebanese border. With a depth of nearly 50 feet, the port handles containers, bulk minerals, liquids, and roll-on/roll-off cargo.An oil terminal and refinery at the port export crude oil.

PSP Express
Web: https://pspexpress.com/
Queen Center Building – Ground Floor – Office 28
Mazzeh Gharbia, Damascus
Ph: +963-950-400-066
Fx: +963-950-400-099
Email: ceo@pspexpress.sy

  • Import and export services
  • Provides international transportation and freight services by air, land and sea
  • Clearance of commercial and non-commercial goods of various weights and sizes

DHL Global Forwarding (Agent)
Web: https://www.dhl.com/
Victoria Bridge, Sabbagh Building, P.O.Box 2170, NA
Damascus, 2170
Ph: +963 (11) 222 18 57 / 225 02 35

  • Airfreight for import and export
  • Ocean freight for import and export
  • Road freight
  • Storage

Web: http://www.hawklogistic.net/
In front of the Ministry of Finance
Damascus, Syria
Ph: +963 11 9844
Ph: +963 11 9412
Email: info@hawkexp.net

  • Import and export shipping
  • Door-to-door services
  • Document shipping

Web: http://www.hawklogistic.net/
In front of al muhafaza bldg, Al andalous Office
Ph: +963 16 23 21 80
Mb: +963 944 641 839

  • Provides express shipping around the world
  • Air freight transport
  • Road transport

Atlas Express Cargo
Web: https://atlasexpresscargo.com/
Oubaida st, Harica
Ph: +963 11 221 3 221
Email: info@atlasexpresscargo.com

  • Baggage and personal effects
  • Air and sea freight
  • Customs Brokerage

Web: https://www.aramex.com/
Damascus, Syria
Ph: +963 11 213 8001

  • eCommerce logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Express shipment
  • Drop and ship