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Find a Freight Forwarder in Suriname

Find a freight forwarder in Suriname using our comprehensive listing. Suriname is located in northern South America with a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. Paramaribo is the country’s capital and its port is in the mouth of the Suriname River. The port is also called New Haven. The port includes specialized terminals for wheat and bananas, oil tankers, and liquefied gas. The port sees about 59,500 TEUs, 515,000 tons of cargo, and 1,000 vessels per year. The port’s depth is 27 feet. Paranam is just upstream from Paramaribo with three docks for handling bulk bauxite and alumina, containers, and oil. La Vigilantia is a subpart of Paranam dedicated to mining, timber, and cement. Both ports have a depth of less than 15 feet. The port of Moengo rests on where the Cottica and Suriname Rivers meet. Originally used for bauxite shipments, the port supports break bulk, container, and liquid shipments. The depth of the port depends on the time of year. Wageningen is upstream from the Nieuw Nickerie port. It’s used for rice exports and is limited by a water depth of around 15 feet and a bridge restriction of 32 feet. The Nieuw Nickerie port rests on the Nickerie River. It has two berths for general cargo and three for petroleum products. Around 90 ships visit the port each year. The draught is under 16 feet.

Web: https://laparkan.com/
Nieuwe Charlesburgweg 95
Paramaribo Suriname
Ph: (597) 426341
Fx: (597) 426423
Email: suriname@laparkan.com

  • Provider of air freight services to the Caribbean for more than nineteen years
  • Offers commercial ocean freight services
  • Personal effects shipments

Paramaribo Cargo
Web: https://www.paramaribocargo.com/
Dr. J. F. Nassylaan 36
Paramaribo – Suriname
Ph: (597) 521096
Fx: (597) 470037

  • Transport to the harbor or airport of departure
  • International Courier Service
  • Import and export solutions

Ramps Logistics
Web: https://www.rampslogistics.com/
Van’t Hogerhuysstraat 52,
Paramaribo, Suriname
Ph: (597) 404 418

  • Airfreight and ocean freight services
  • Project Logistics
  • Customs brokerage solutions

Integra Marine & Freight Services NV
Web: https://www.integramar.com/
NHBC – Building
Van ‚Äėt Hogerhuysstraat 13-15
Paramaribo, Suriname
Ph: (597) 427687
Email: sales@integramar.com

  • Marine transport
  • Air freight services
  • Road transport

Telesis Cargo Services
Web: https://www.telesiscargo.sr/
Adrianusstraat 62
Paramaribo – Suriname
Ph: (597) 402979
Email: info@telesiscargo.sr

  • Airfreight – import & export
  • Ocean – import
  • Courier service
  • Trucking

Zeyva Shipping N.V.
Web: https://zeyvashipping.com/
Hermand D. Benjamin St,
Paramaribo, Suriname
Ph: (597) 761-9005

  • Chartering
  • Ocean Freight
  • Express Shipping

Web: https://greymic.com/
David Simon St 59,
Paramaribo, Suriname
Ph: +597 452-002
Email: info@greymic.com

  • Shipping to and from anywhere
  • Air and ocean freight shipping
  • Land transportation

Cambridge International Transport N.V.
Web: https://cambridgetransport.com/
Latourweg 52-54
Paramaribo ‚Äď Suriname
Ph: +597 485685
Fx: +597 486458
Email: info@cambridgetransport.com

  • Import, export, or transshipment
  • Parcel services
  • Relocation solutions

DHL Global Forwarding
Web: https://www.dhl.com/
212, Johan Adolf Pengelstraat,
Paramaribo, Suriname
Ph: +597 401-346

  • Air and ocean freight services
  • Road transportation
  • Customs clearance

DP World Paramaribo
Web: https://www.dpworld.com/
Van ‘t Hogerhuys St 13-15,
Paramaribo, Suriname
Ph: +597 402890
Email: customerservicesPAR@dpworld.com

  • Offer freight forwarding services for Container cargo
  • LCL door-to-door services
  • Cargo storage