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Find a Freight Forwarder in Saudi Arabia

Find a freight forwarder in Saudi Arabia with our comprehensive listing. Most roadways in Saudi Arabia are well-developed, especially in Riyadh, the financial hub of the country. But some of the city‚Äôs roads are not as well-maintained as others, including the roads connecting the coasts. However, the government has begun more projects to develop these roads. The country has about 137,000 miles of roadways, only 35 percent of which are paved. Some of the busiest roads are Dammam to Abu Hadriya and to Ras Tanura Highway; Khaybar to Al Ola Highway; Mecca to Madinah Al Munawarah Highway; and Dammam Highway. Saudi Arabia‚Äôs seaports are well-developed to support the transport of petroleum and chemicals. The country has the largest port network in the Middle East with 10 major ports and around 200 piers. Saudi Arabia has 26 airports‚ÄĒthree international, six regional, and 16 domestic airports.

Hizam Shipping & Logistics
Web: http://www.hizamshipping.com/
Building # 2468, 2nd Floor, Office # 12
King Khaled Street, Tubaishi District
6165, Dammam – 31442
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 13 832 3844
Fax: +966 13 832 5846

  • Own Container terminal in Dammam port area and Riyadh.
  • Licensed Clearing Agents from the Directorate of Customs
  • Covering all major gateways of Saudi Arabia (Dammam/Riyadh/Jeddah)
  • FIATA certified and member of a few global logistics networks like GLN/5-SLN/PANGEA

Crown International
Web: http://www.crownintlsa.com/
Mohammed Abdul Quddus
Crown International P.O. Box 2769
Dammam 31461. K.S.A
Ph: +966 13 835 1958
Fx: +966 13 833 8020
Email: quddus@crownintlsa.com

  • An indirect air carrier with IATA-certified Hazmat handling time-sensitive cargo
  • A licensed Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI) and NVOCC
  • Offers TL (truckload) and LTL (less-than-truckload) services

Al Swat Logistics
Web: http://alswatlogistics.com/
Office No. # 303, 3rd Floor Trident Hotel Building
Mena Road
Balad District
Ph: +966 12 627 4647
Fx: +966 12 627 4648
Email: ashraf@alswatlogistics.com

  • Moving all types of difficult or abnormal cargo whatever the size or shape
  • Handling Break Bulk & Containerized cargo
  • Offers warehousing services

Freights Solutions Co.
Web: http://www.freights-solutions.com/
Riyadh 11441
P.O. Box 1785
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 56 108 7006
Ph: +966 54 440 1996
Email: info@freights-solutions.com

  • Handles forwarding services via air, sea and land for Import/Export
  • Offers storage and delivery services
  • Packing & moving services

Speed Trans Logistics
Web: http://www.speedtranslogistics.com/
P.O. box 24009, Jeddah 21446 36 Burj
Zahran,7th floor. Near “H” bridge, Madina¬†road
Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 12 691 1439
Fx: +966 12 683 7437
Email: sales@speedtranslogistics.com

  • Handling global logistics services offering world-class ocean and land transportation
  • Provides warehousing and distribution solutions
  • ¬†Offers custom clearing and ocean transportation services

Atlas World For Support Services
Web: https://atlaswss.com/
8552-8570 Irfan Al Jamil
Al Faisaliyah Jeddah 23442 3252
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 12 682 6611
Fx: +966 12 682 6655
Email: Info@atlaswss.com

  • A privately owned Saudi company engaged in all types of Logistics & Forwarding. Established in 2014
  • Offers Airfreight Worldwide,¬†Door to Door delivery,¬†Door to Airport delivery, Cargo Insurance;
  • Full Container Loads (FCL), Bulk, Breakbulk and RORO,¬†Door to Door delivery,¬†Door to Port delivery, Port to Port delivery,
    Cargo Insurance

International Maritime Agency
Web: https://www.imafreight.com/
Al Mad’di Street
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 12 289 7615
Email: info@imafreight.com

  • Provides freight transport¬†services Kingdom wide
  • Operate a fleet of 138 Tractor units and 140 Flat Bed trailers
  • A specialist in container repair technicians

Glaube Logistics for Shipping
Web: http://www.glaubelogistics.com/
7397, Unit No. 17
Jeddah 23462 – 3603
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 12 664 1075
Fx: +966 12 664 1075
Email: info@glaubelogistics.com

  • Offers¬†FCL/LCL and Air shipments to/from all major locations
  • Handle export and import of full loads or consolidations
  • Stock control and warehousing/distribution program

Mohsen Cargo Services
Web: http://www.mohsencargo.com/
Sharafia street
PO Box 3067 Jeddah
Makkah 21471
Ph: +966 12 6300000
Fx: +966 12 6315555
Email: cargo@mohsencargo.com

  • Transports cargo via air, ocean, and road
  • Able to provide packing suitable for air freight, containerized ocean freight, break bulk ocean freight, and oversize truck freight
  • Provides customs brokerage services

Wasil Jabir Freight Forwarding
Web: http://wasiljabir.com/
Falestine and Arbaeen Road crossing
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 56 796 9394
Fx: +966 12 617 3775
Email: info@wasiljabir.com

  • Provides services for air, sea, and land import and or export shipments
  • Offers customs clearing services
  • Packing, relocation, and car shipping services

Sky Freight
Web: http://www.skyfreight.com.ph/offices.html
Building Number 12, Al-Zuhrah Street, Musrefah District
Madina Road, Jeddah
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 2 665 9635
Fx: +966 2 669 2219
Email: skyfreightme@skygroupme.com

  • Provides tailor-fit solutions for all import and export by air, ocean, and land freight transport
  • Handles all clearances requirements for commercial shipments
  • Offers door-to-door, port-to-port, and¬†inter-modal transport

Worldwide Logistics Systems L.L.C.
Web: http://www.wls.com.sa/
PO Box 11392, King Fahd Street
Dammam, 31453
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 3 841 8632
Fx: +966 3 841 8631
Email: info@wls.com.sa

  • Offers services for import and export by sea, air, and land’
  • Handles customs clearance documentation and compliance
  • Provides warehousing and distribution services

Web: https://www.kn-portal.com
Madinah Road, Tahlia Street Intersection
Al Esayi Plaza, 21452 Jeddah
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 2 229 6800
Fx: +966 2 229 6801
Email: info.jeddah@kuehne-nagel.com

  • Transporting cargo by air and sea around the world
  • Offers domestic and international services with reliable pickups and lead times
  • Provides logistics outsourcing and the management of complex supply chains

Web: http://www.aramex.com/
Medinah Road, Between Quraishi & Heraa Streets
Al Bawadi District, Jeddah
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 92 002 7447
Email: JEDcare@Aramex.Com

  • Offers express shipping services
  • Has the largest network in the middle to provide land freight transport
  • Provides supply chain solutions

Expeditors International Cargo Ltd.
Web: https://www.expeditors.com/
Al Eqtesad Bldg, 5th Floor, Sitteen Street
Jeddah, 21531
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 12 639 6633

  • Has more than 35 years of logistics experience
  • Shipping cargo by air, by ocean, or by ground transport
  • Designs custom solution for your supply chain

DB Schenker
Web: https://www.dbschenker.com/sa-en/
Flat No. 403 Olaya intersection road
P.O. Box 51615, Riyadh 11553
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 1 217 6035
Fx: +966 1 477 0692
Email: Saudiarabia@dbschenker.com

  • Has global network and advanced logistics solutions, offering air and ocean transport
  • Offers land transport products and services covering an extensive network
  • Handling logistics solutions anywhere in Americas, Europe, Asia, or all three

GAC Saudi Arabia
Web: https://www.gac.com/gac-worldwide/middle-east/saudi-arabia/
6th Floor, Al Dossary Tower Al Ashriah Street
Dammam 32415
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 13 832 8762
Fx: +966 13 832 3035
Email: saudi@gac.com

  • Provides clearing and forwarding services
  • Offers land transport, courier services, and consolidation
  • Handles heavy, oversized, or bulky cargo

Web: https://www.tnt.com/
Next To Al Khobar Chamber Of C
Al Khobar 31952
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 800 244 2222

  • Specialist in express delivery solutions
  • Offers order-consolidation
  • Provides worldwide storage services

Deugro (KSA) Ltd.
Web: https://deugro.com/
63, 6th Floor, Al Bassam Business Centre, 4262 Ibrahim Shakir street
Al Bagdadiyah Al Garbiyah, Unit no: 14, Jeddah 8200
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 12 644 1695
Ph: +966 12 644 8665
Email: john.vetteth@deugro.com

  • Offers air and ocean freight service
  • Provides project forwarding services mainly for oil and gas, electricity, mining, and metal industries
  • Analyzes, designs, simulates and implements supply chain solutions

Skyway Cargo
Web: http://www.skywaycargo.net/
Near “ H “ Fly over Madina Road
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 12 639 7707
Fx: +966 12 691 7512
Email: khalid@skywaycargo.net

  • Provides pets cargo solutions
  • Transporting cargo by air, sea, and land
  • Handles customs documentation and compliance

Web: www.highacclog.com
Tel: +966 12 64 54 010
Mob: +966 556115160
Email: query@highacclog.com
33, Bassam Business Centre, Ibrahim Shaker St.,
Baghdadiyah (W) Jeddah 22234, Saudi Arabia

  • Sea freight: Import/Export – LCL/FCL ‚Äď Cross Trades; Air freight: Import/Export & Cross trades
  • Project movements ‚Äď Break Bulk & Chartering / Ro-Ro
  • Consolidation / Deconsolidation
  • Warehousing & distribution (Cold/Dry)
  • Door delivery/Marine insurance
  • Local transportation/Door delivery
  • Affiliated with a number of approved and accredited inspection bodies, and provides industry leading turnaround times for issuance of SASO COC ; IECEE; QM/GCTS certificates via SABER.

Faris Cargo Service
Web: https://fariscargo.com
Rayan Street, in front of Rayan Supermarket
Taif Saudi Arabia
Mobile: 966-553-88-20-50
Email: Sales@fariscargo.com

  • 100% GUARANTEED SAFETY: We stand by our service
  • Safe and on time delivery of your goods is our primary concern. with top notch staff highly professional partners we are confident we can do it.
  • We can store your products: we offer a secured storage space, to store your good‚Äôs safe and organized even for longer period of time.
  • Any destination you need: in accordance with your needs we organize deliveries of collective, complete and partial shipments.

ESNAD Express Logistics company in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)
Web: https://www.esnadexpress.com
2nd Floor, Tower D.
Al-Mlqa Commercial Center,
Malka District,
Anas bin Malik Road
P.O. Box #8292 Riyadh 13521
Phone No.: 966-593-848603
Email: esnadexpress2@gmail.com

  • Logistics, Transportation, Shipping, Freight Service, Couriers

Smart Ocean Co. Ltd.
Web: http://www.ocean-sa.com/
Imam Malik Street, Rawdah, Jeddah
Attar Center, First Floor, Office # 6
3447, Jeddah ‚Äď 23435
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966 9200 24680
Cp:  +966 54 669 8665
Email: sales@ocean-sa.com

  • Licensed freight forwarder in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam)
  • Offering best services & best rates for sea, air & land freight, customs clearance, and logistics
  • Strong expertise in electronics, petroleum, lubricants, food (dates, frozen, etc.), plastics, etc.

Everest International Shipping
Web: http://www.everest-hkj.com/
al Frezduq road
Saudi Arabia
Ph: +966569318644
Email: marketing@everest-hkj.com

  • A privately owned Saudi company engaged in all types of Logistics & Forwarding. Established in 2014
  • Offers Airfreight Worldwide, Door to Door delivery, Door to Airport delivery, Cargo Insurance
  • Full Container Loads (FCL), Bulk, Breakbulk and RORO, Door to Door delivery, Door to Port delivery, Port to Port delivery,
    Cargo Insurance

Muneer Trading Corporation (MTC)
Ph: +966505731941
Email: iqbal_afridi@outlook.com

  • Transportation and container terminal
  • Import and export services
  • Stuffing and D-Stuffing

AJEX Logistics Services
Web: https://aj-ex.com/
Olaya District,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Ph:  8004404000
Email: info@aj-ex.com

  • AJEX offers a wide range of Express Services for the Domestic and international market
  • Standard delivery, Next day delivery, Same day delivery
  • High Value shipment Express, COD Express Services, International Express, Standard Express delivery, Economy Express delivery

Shahen Logistics
Web: https://shahen-sa.com/
Iman Malik Road
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Ph: +9200012163
Email: info@shahen-sa.com

  • Transportation and logistics service provider
  • Freight forwarder with Shahen Mobile App
  • Best¬† transporters for Companies, Partners and Individuals

Sahara Internatinoal Logistics Corporation
Web: http://www.saharalogisticsintl.com/
7601 Qays Abu Hubayrah
2556 Al Nuzah
23532 Jeddah
Ph: 00966 542385828
Email: info@saharalogisticsintl.com

  • Ocean Freight
  • Transporation
  • Custom Clearance
  • Warehousing
  • GCC trucking

First Line Logistics
Web: http://www.firstline.com.sa/
King Saud Street – Ar Rabia District
Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph: 013-8309001 – 013-8309009
Fx: 013-8302973
Email: firstline@firstline.com.sa

  • Airfreight
  • Sea freight
  • Land transportation -GCC

Sign logistics
Web: https://www.signlogistics.sa/en
401, 4th Floor, Al Abdullatif Plaza,
Al Faisaliyah District 1, Jeddah, KSA
Tel: 8002440015
Email: info@signlostics.sa

  • Provide unlimited numbers of skilled & trained couriers, laborers, warehouse supervisors, and logistics supervisors around the kingdom
  • Optimal IT Logistics solution. The IT system is an essential tool for efficient logistics management
  • Unlimited numbers of vehicles of different kinds and sizes all around the kingdom