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Find a Freight Forwarder in San Marino

Find a freight forwarder in San Marino using our comprehensive listing. Italy surrounds San Marino, which is one of the smallest countries in the world. It controls about 24 square miles. It has no international airport, railway, or seaport. Imports and exports go through the Italian port of Rimini on the Adriatic Sea. Technically, San Marino only trades with Italy since all goods are must clear Italian customs.

SM Studio Sped
Web: https://www.studiosped.com/
Via Cesare Cant√Ļ, 104
47891 Customs RSM
Republic of San Marino
Ph: +378 0549 909151
Fx: +378 0549 909145
Email: info@studiosped.com

  • International shipments covering Europe, Asia, the United States, Canada and many other destinations
  • European or intercontinental transport, by sea or by air
  • Offer a specialized customs consultancy service

Global Cargo Srl
Web: https://www.gcargo.eu/en
Via Guardia Del Consiglio, 15
47899 Serravalle,
Repubblica Di San Marino
Ph: +378 0549 904645
Fx: +378 0549 900044
Email: operativo@gcargo.eu – direzione@gcargo.eu

  • Transports by Air, Truck, and Sea
  • Global management of goods flow from suppliers to final customers with warehousing and storage services, cargo consolidation, and distribution
  • Consulting and custom services of any kind, permanent and temporary import or export

Ercolani Trasporti S.p.a.
Web: https://www.ercolanitrasporti.com/
Strada dei Censiti,
1 – 47891 – Rovereta (RSM)
Ph: +378 0549 910911
Fx: +378 0549 909360
Email: info@ercolanitrasporti.com

  • National and international transport
  • Import-export customs operations
  • Warehouse logistics

Tini Autotrasporti Rsl
Web: http://www.tiniautotrasporti.sm/
Strada Campo del Fiume, 92
47896 Faetano | Republic of San Marino (RSM)
Ph: +378 0549 996653
Fx: +378 0549 996653
Email: tiniautotrasporti@omniway.sm

  • Transport logistics
  • Recovery and storage of goods
  • Transfer of dangerous goods