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Red Hook Terminal

Facility Overview

Red Hook Container Terminal is located in Brooklyn, New York, as part of the Port of New York and New Jersey Complex. Red Hook also operates a barge terminal in Newark, New Jersey. The container terminal occupies 65.5 acres. It has warehousing capabilities for container, breakbulk, and roll-on/roll-off cargo. The terminal has a berthing length of 2,080 linear feet with an alongside water depth of 42 feet. It supports five gantry cranes. The barge facility occupies 30 acres with a berthing length of about 1,000 linear feet. Its alongside depth is 40 feet. The terminal has two post-Panamax cranes.

Address: 70 Hamilton Ave., Brooklyn, NJ

Quick Links

  • Gate Hours: Monday ‚Äď Friday: 08:00 ‚Äď 16:00
  • Operations Telephone: 718-875-0777
  • Vessel Schedule Link
  • Rail Schedule Link
  • Operator: Red Hook Container Terminal
  • Crane Camera
  • Container Availability System
  • Facility Map
  • FIRMS Code: E026
  • Port Code: 4601
  • Entrance Requirements
    • Individual:¬†
    • Vehicles:
  • New Jersey Freight Forwarder Listings

FDA Facility: Port Elizabeth Resident Post
1201 Corbin ST, Elizabeth, NJ 07201
Tel: 908-527-2459
Fax : 908-527-2460