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Find a Freight Forwarder in Moldova

Find a¬†freight forwarder in Moldova with our comprehensive listing. Moldova’s Port of Giurgiulesti rests on the banks of the Danube at the country’s southernmost tip along the border it shares with Ukraine. It has five berths with a maximum vessel draft of less than seven meters. The port connects with three road and rail systems and has five terminals. One terminal is dedicated to liquids such as vegetable oil and petroleum products. Two terminals are for grain transport. One container terminal is used for dry-bulk cargo. A dedicated railway terminal handles liquid bulk. The port has open storage areas for grain and other facilities for liquids such as petroleum products, wine, and vegetable oil.

SPN SRL/ agent of DHL Global Forwarding
Web: http://www.dhl.com/
Cuza-Voda str. 18/5, Chisinau, MD-2060
Republic of Moldova
Ph: +37322605520
Email: office@dhl.md

  • A wide range of services, vast expertise in international logistics
  • An individual approach to customers’ needs makes SPN the supplier of choice to many companies worldwide

AutomaxCargo SRL
Web: https://automaxcargo.com/
25, Kostin, Miron St.
Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2044
Ph: +373-7-956-88-48
Ph: +373-6-024-88-48
Email: automaxcargo@gmail.com

  • Daily delivery of goods from Moldova and to Moldova
  • Transportation of bulk cargo
  • Transportation of overall, heavy cargo
  • Groupage cargo transportation

COS Trans Logistics
Web: https://costrans.md/
18 Office 13, Alexandri V.
Chisinau, Moldova
Ph: +373 60 500 222
Fx: +373 79 920 222
Email:  info@costrans.md

  • Logistics
  • Customs clearance
  • Consolidated cargo

Cargo Master
Web: https://www.cargomaster.md/
45, Bodoni-Banulescu St.
Chisinau, Moldova
Ph: +373 (22) 83-67-30
Email: kiv@cargomaster.md

  • Sea container shipping
  • Air cargo
  • Road cargo
  • Intermodal transportation

Moldcontainer Co
Web: https://mc.md/
201 Office, 11/B, Moscow Avenue
Chisinau, Moldova MD-2068
Ph: +373 22 310935
Fx: +373 22 310934
Email: office@mc.md

  • Sea transport
  • Air delivery
  • Road transport

Gradalogistic S.R.L.
Web: https://gradalogistic.md/
29, MunceŇüti,
Chisinau, Moldova
Ph: +373 22 207 333
Fx: +373 22 207 323
Email: office@gradalogistic.md

  • Integrated Logistics Solutions
  • Multimodal Logistics
  • Railway & Road Logistics

Web: https://gruzoperevozki.md/
Strada Igor Vieru 20, Chi»ôinńÉu 2075
Ph: +373 78 133 133
Ph: +373 68 166 166
Email: info@gruzoperevozki.md

  • Loading and unloading services
  • Office relocations
  • Warehousing

S.C. Simplextrans S.R.L.
Web: https://www.simplextrans.com/
104 Office. 80/6, Albisoara St.
Chisinau, Moldova MD-2005
Ph: +373-795-6666-2
Fx: +373-22-29-54-29
Email: manager@simplextrans.com

  • Railway freight
  • Maritime containers transportation
  • Transportation of extra-sized, oversized, and heavyweight cargo

Molinari SRL
Web: http://www.molinari.md/
11, Aeroport St.
Chisinau, Moldova MD-2026
Ph: +373 (22) 524 102
Email: office@molinari.md

  • Door-to-door solutions
  • Import and export express transport
  • Drop and Ship

Univers Cargo S.R.L.
Web: https://universcargo.md/
53 Of., 11 Aeroport  St,
Chisinau, Moldova
Ph: +373 22 524 437
Email: info@universcargo.md

  • Handling and transportation of valuable cargo
  • Project and oversized cargo transportation
  • Customs brokerage services