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Maston Container Terminal

Facility Overview

Matson Terminal occupies berths 60-63 with a frontage of 2,743 linear feet. The water depth is 42 feet. The terminal handles both container and roll-on/roll-off cargo. The terminal encompasses 80 acres with connections to rail and ground transportation. The terminal has 257 reefer plugs and four post-Panamax cranes. Berth 63 is dedicated to containerized cargo.

Address: 1411 Sand Island Parkway, Honolulu, HI 96819

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FDA Facility: Honolulu Resident Post
1132 Bishop St, STE 500, Honolulu HI 96813
Hrs: 0800-1600 HST
Tel: 808-522-8008
Fax: 909-390-2972