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Find a Freight Forwarder in Lebanon

Find a Freight Forwarder in Lebanon with our comprehensive listing. The transportation sector in Lebanon is inconsistent, but benefits from modern airports and an extensive network of roads. There are 8,000 km of roads in the country, over 7,000 km of which are paved. There are also 180 km of four-lane motorways. There are no operating railways in the country. There are a number of seaports in the country, the largest of which is the Port of Beirut, which throughputs over 1,000,000 TEU annually. There are 5 airports in the country, 4 of which maintain paved runways. The main airport is the Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport (BEY), which provides air freight to Egypt, Hong Kong, Turkey, Luxembourg, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Belgium, Ghana, Qatar, and Spain. The airport throughputs just under 100,000 metric tons annually. Lebanon exports jewelry, base metals, chemicals, and tobacco and imports petroleum, cars, medicinal products, and clothing. The country trades primarily with China and Italy.

Expeditors International-Lebanon
Web: https://www.expeditors.com/
Sodeco Square,
Damascus Road,
Block A, 1st Floor
Beirut, Lebanon
Ph: +961 1-612 999
Email: requests.beirut@expeditors.com

  • Transportation – air, ocean, ground
  • Multimodal transport
  • Project cargo

DHL Global Forwarding
Web: https://www.dhl.com/
AC Holding building – 1st Floor
Dbayeh highway Main Road
PoBox 17-5772 Metn, Lebanon
Ph: +961 1 564789

  • Air and ocean freight services
  • Road transport
  • Customs brokerage

Agility Logistics
Web: https://www.agility.com/
Agility Building, Next to MBC Studios
Zouk Mosbeh Highway, Street 104
Keserwan, Lebanon
Ph: +961 9 223 275

  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Supply chain solutions
  • Air and ocean transport

Agility Logistics
Web: https://www.agility.com/
LLRE building, Daoud Ammoun Street
Jisr El-Wati area, Sin El Fil
Metn, Lebanon
Ph: +961 149 063 6

  • Road freight
  • Project logistics
  • Fairs & events logistics

UPS SCS – Skynet SAL
Web: https://www.upsscs.com/
Tabet 288 Center, Ground Floor, Hayek Street
Sin El Fil, 55140
Beirut, Lebanon
Ph: +961 1 48 9480
Email: BEY.Import@thenetholding.com

  • Door-to-door service to major metropolitan areas around the globe
  • FCL, LCL
  • LTL services

Web: http://gifco.com/
Beirut International Airport Road
GIFCO Building,
Beirut – Lebanon
Ph: +961 1 450550
Fx: +961 1455618
Email: info@gifco.com

  • Airfreight, land freight, and sea freight services
  • Project cargo
  • Packing, creating, and removals

Global Dynamix s.a.l.
Web: http://www.gdynamix.com/
42 Tripoli Street, Centre Blanco, Block C, 5th Floor
Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon
Ph: +961 1 265580
Fx: +961 1 265583

  • Ocean consolidation
  • Airfreight forwarding
  • Road freight & customs clearance

Leader Group s.a.r.l
Web: http://www.leadergroup.net/
Modern building, Saifi al Arz Street 2nd floor
Ph: +961 1 564108
Fx: +961 1 568108
Email: operation@leadergroup.net

  • Inland transportation
  • Air and sea freight services
  • Customs clearance

BCC Logistics Lebanon
Web: http://www.bcclogistics.com/
Sin El Fil, Parallel Towers, Block B, Floors 12-13-14
Beirut, Lebanon
Ph: +961 (1) 48 22 11
Email: bccbeirut@bcclogistics.com

  • Fairs and exhibition
  • Packing and removals
  • Projects and heavy lifts
  • Air, ocean, and, land transport

Logistics Yard
Web: http://www.logisticsyard.net/
Ph: +961-3-243183
Fx: +961-4-411994
Email: management@logisticsyard.net

  • Global freight forwarding for Lebanon and the Levant Countries
  • Customs transit door-to-door deliveries

GoForth Express
Web: http://www.goforthexpress.com/
1350 Springfield rd
Lebanon Missouri 65536
Ph: 417-532-9773
Email: jlivingston@goforthexpress.com

  • Same Day next day freight
  • Semi-to-box trucks in Missouri