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Find a Freight Forwarder in Iraq

Find a Freight Forwarder in Iraq with our comprehensive listing. The transportation infrastructure of Iraq rests on its 2,272 km of railways, 37,851 km of paved roadways, and over 7,000 km of inland waterways. This is due to the Tigris and Euphrates, which run through the country, and the relatively flat geography of the interior. Iraq has one deep-water port, Umm Qasr Port, which has 22 berths and a maximum draft of 10.2 meters. There are 75 airports with paved runways and 29 without paved runways. The main airport in the country is Baghdad International Airport, which services four cargo airlines. These airlines transport freight to and from Cairo, Dubai, Baku, and Istanbul. Iraq primarily exports crude oil, which encompasses 99 percent of its total exports, followed by precious metals. This oil is transported through the country’s 5,432 km of oil pipelines to ports in Turkey and Jordan. About 10,000 bbl. is transported via road tankers to Jordan every day.

Web: https://www.aramex.com/
Ain Kawa Main St. Infront of Ain kawa fountain
Ph: +9647505910453

  • eCommerce solutions
  • Storage of dangerous goods
  • Logistics services

Web: https://www.aramex.com/
Karada-Arasat al hindyah Street
Ph: +964790 191 3625

  • Warehousing
  • Drop and ship services
  • Shop and ship

Global Dynamix Limited
Web: http://www.gdynamix.com/
Italian Village 2, Villa 207, Persin
Erbil, Iraq Kurdistan Region
Ph: +964 750 596 5390
Fx: +964 66 225 3597

  • Full container load
  • Ocean consolidation
  • Airfreight forwarding
  • Road freight & customs clearance

MATEEN Express
Web: https://www.mateenexpress.info/
60th Ring Street, Between Alban and Makhmoor Streets,
Erbil CIty, Erbil, Iraq
Ph: +964  66 250  2400
Cp: +964 750 4737 555

  • Contract logistics
  • Air, sea, and land freight services
  • Customs clearance

Mediterranean Shipping Company Ltd
Web: https://www.msc.com/
House No # 15, Opp – Al Musawi Masjid,
Al Jazaer Street, Al Firssy Area,
IQ – BASRA, Iraq
Ph: +965 25723850
Email: msc@msciraq.com

  • Intermodal transportation & haulage solutions
  • Cross trading
  • Warehousing & storage solutions

Al Marasi Intl General Trading and Maritime Services Co.
Web: https://www.bertling.com/
Block 306, Street 33, House 24, Abassiya
Basra, Iraq
Ph: +964 780 918 9429
Email: osama.ali@bertling.com

  • Project management
  • Heavy lift & engineering
  • Airfreight, road freight, sea freight, rail freight

ZMC Express Cargo
Web: http://www.zmcexpress.com/
100m Road, Ankawa St.
Erbil, Iraq
Ph: +964 (771) 615 6666
Ph: +964 (751) 235 4493
Email: maria@zmcexpress.com

  • Shipping – air, sea, ground
  • Door to door services
  • Customs clearance

ZMC Express Cargo
Web: http://www.zmcexpress.com/
Al Rubayee street, Near Istanbul Restaurant
Baghdad, Iraq
Ph: +964 (773) 022 3344
Ph: +964 (773) 093 3600
Email: bgw@zmcexpress.com

  • ¬†Supply chain management
  • Clearance of goods less than 24 hours from date of arrival
  • Airport handling

Centaur Sourcing
Web: http://centaursourcing.com/
Building 107, Street 38,
Area 306 , Al-Abbassiya,
Basra, Iraq
Ph: +964 7802 200 800
Email: aalhassona@centaursourcing.com

  • Local logistics
  • International logistics and customs clearance
  • Supply chain management

Move One Inc.
Web: https://www.moveoneinc.com/
Italian City 1, Villa 341
100 Meter Street Road
Erbil, Iraq
Ph: +964 750 309 9999
Email: karokh.bahjat@moveoneinc.com

  • Project solutions
  • Relocation and mobility
  • Pet & animal shipping

Naseem Umm Qasr LLC
Web: http://www.iraq-cargo.com/
Office No.3, Block No.42, Buiding No.7, Al-zazaer St
AlBasrah, Iraq
Ph: +9647834951764
Email: ops@iraq-cargo.com

  • Members in many networks such as Fiata,Neptune , GLOBALIA , WLA , GLSN , Bling , GLN and Planet logistics
  • Clearance and freight forwarding
  • Sea, air or land transports