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Find a Freight Forwarder in Guyana

Find a freight forwarder in Guyana with our comprehensive listing. The transportation infrastructure in Guyana revolves around its ability to move cargo along its inland waterways as well as to and from its seaports. The main port in the country is the Port of Georgetown, which is also the primary entry point for cargo coming into Guyana. There are 5,900 km of navigable inland waterways, which include the Berbice River, the Demerara River, and the Essequibo River. There are 7,970 km of roads, 590 km of which are paved. There is also a small rail network consisting of 139 km of standard gauge track and 48 km of narrow-gauge track. There are 51 airports in the country, 9 of which maintain paved runways. The main airport is Cheddi Jagan International Airport (GEO) and provides air freight to the United States, Suriname, and Spain. The country exports sugar, gold, bauxite, rice, shrimp, and aluminum and imports manufactures, machinery, petroleum, and food.

CCA Guyana Inc.
Web: http://cargoguyana.com/
210 New Market Street
Georgetown, Guyana
Ph: +592-227-6041
Fx: +592-227-6077
Email: info@cargoguyana.com

  • Air and ocean freight
  • Customs brokerage
  • Project cargo

D&J Shipping
Web: https://www.djshipping.co/
61 Fifth Street, Alberttown
Georgetown, Guyana
Ph: +592 223-6056/57
Email: info@djshipping.co

  • Aircraft charter
  • Warehousing and storage services
  • Ocean freight forwarding

PAS Cargo Guyana Inc.
Web: http://www.pascargousa.com/
1 Public Road (Admin Building 2)
La Penitence
Georgetown, Guyana
Ph: +592 231-8603-5
Email: sales@pascargoguyana.com

  • Air, road, and ocean freight transport
  • FCL, LCL cargo
  • Project cargo

Laparkan Freight Forwarding
Web: https://laparkan.com/
2-9 Lombard Street
Georgetown, Guyana
Ph: +592 226-1095/ 1096/ 1097
Fx: +592 227-6808
Email: guyanaffd@laparkan.com

  • Courier
  • Flat Rate Consignments

Laparkan Freight Forwarding
Web: https://laparkan.com/
Lot 3 Strand, New Amsterdam
Berbice, Guyana
Ph: +592 333-4262
Email: guyanaffd@laparkan.com

  • Express air freight
  • Commercial ocean freight
  • Trucking

Laparkan Freight Forwarding
Web: https://laparkan.com/
William Fogarty Building, 34-37 Water Street
Georgetown, Guyana
Ph: +592 225-6870-9
Fx: +592 225-6874
Email: fogartystore@laparkan.com

  • Inter-modal Transport
  • Customs Clearance
  • Door to Door Service

Guyana Freight Services Inc.
Web: http://www.guyanafreight.com/
214 Almond Street, Queenstown
Georgetown, Guyana
Ph: +592-225-7186
Fx: +592-225-7261
Email: info@guyanafreight.com

  • Containerized liner services
  • Break bulk carriers

Web: https://guyana.crowley.com/
175-176 Charlotte Street 
Georgetown Guyana 
Ph: +592-501-0655

  • Inland transportation
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Perishable/refrigerated cargo
  • Ocean transport

GAC Logistics and Shipping
Web: https://www.gac.com/
160 Waterloo Street North Cummingsburg
Georgetown, 00000, Guyana
Ph: +592 226 1050
Email: guyana@gac.com

  • Contract logistics
  • Land transport
  • International moving

Falcon Logistics Inc.
Web: https://www.falconguyana.com/
9 Eastern Highway, Lamaha Gardens
Georgetown, Guyana
Ph: +592-227-0390
Email: info@falconguyana.com

  • Air and ocean freight
  • Warehousing
  • Customs Brokerage