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Find a Freight Forwarder in Gabon

Find a freight forwarder in Gabon with our comprehensive listing. The transportation infrastructure of Gabon is advanced relative to its neighbors but still suffers from historical poverty and environmental factors. There is one railway, which consists of 936 km of standard gauge track and links the Port of Owendo to the interior of the country. The Port of Owendo is the main port in the country and maintains 1 berth for bulk cargo and container shipping. Nearly all of the country’s inland cargo transport travels over the 7,670 km of road in the country. Unfortunately, only 629 km are paved and the unpaved portions are susceptible to erosion during the rainy season. There are 56 airports in the country, 11 of which maintain paved runways. The main airport is the Leon-Mba International Airport (LBV), which provides cargo transport to Luxembourg, Addis Ababa, Casablanca, and Franceville. There are also 270 km of crude oil pipelines and 14 km of petroleum pipelines.

Bolloré Transport & Logistics Gabon
Web: https://www.bollore-transport-logistics.com/
BP 943
Zone portuaire d’OWENDO
Ph: +241 (0)1 79 41 00

  • Sea and land transit
  • Value-added warehousing
  • Air transit
  • Maritime and port services

ACIDT Gabon International Movers
Web: http://cidt-gabon.com/
Zone Oloumi
Libreville, Gabon
Ph: +241 (0) 7080000
Ph: + 241 (0) 7381001
Email: cidtgabon@yahoo.fr

  • International moves – shipping by air, sea, and road
  • National movements
  • Warehouse logistics

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company Gabon S.A.
Web: https://www.msc.com/
Immeuble ”Owendo Business Center”
Carrefour SNI Owendo, 2eme etage – Batiment A
BP 18438
Ph: +241 01 705135
Email: GA671-infogabon@msc.com

  • Project cargo
  • Intermodal transportation & haulage solutions
  • Warehousing & storage solutions

AGS Libreville
Web: https://www.ags-demenagement.com/
Office BP 9161 ZI Owendo Libreville BP 9161
Ph: +241 77271348

  • Established in 1994, AGS Movers Port Gentil has 24 years‚Äô experience in the moving industry
  • AGS Group has an extensive network of 144 locations in 96 countries
  • Provides storage services

AGS Port Gentil
Web: https://www.ags-demenagement.com/
Nouveau Port, Oprag Port Gentil
Ph: +24174227179

  • International moving services
  • Furniture transport
  • Furniture storage around the world

Aéroport International Léon MBA
Web: https://corex-international.com/
BP: 519 Libreville (Gabon)
Zone Fret Aeroport, Libreville
Ph: +241 06249466
Email: commercial.lbv@corex-international.com

  • Handling import/export cargo
  • Storage services
  • Palletization/depalletization

Somatrans International
Web: https://somatrans-inter.com/
Owendo Port Zone
in front of Import Price
Ph: +241 66 02 36 37
Ph: +241 66 05 60 59
Email: info@somatrans-inter.com

  • Sea and land transport
  • Port and land handling
  • Customs clearance

Flying Eagle Shipping Limited
Web: http://flyingeagleshipping.com/
Elot ‚Äď Gabon,
B.P 3349
Libreville, Gabon
Ph: +234 816 396 6945
Fx: +234 814 889 4749
Email: gabon@flyingeagleshipping.com

  • Customs clearance of import/export cargo
  • Door to door delivery
  • Warehousing

Web: https://logistiga.com/
Libreville, Gabon
Ph:+241 11 70 92 63
Fx: +241 11 70 56 76
Email: info@logistiga.com

  • Located at the Port of Owendo Libreville, 10,000m¬≤ storage space and an additional 2000m¬≤ warehouse fully
  • Specialized in the transport of goods, in particular, container or bulk delivery for big lots
  • Handles all the different logistics needs with tailor-made services and constant tracking of all goods

Afri-K Logistics & Transit
Web: https://www.afri-klt.ga/
Comissariat de police, Zone aéroport
Libreville, Gabon
Ph: +241 74 97 76 44
Ph: +241 66 44 30 77
Email: contact@afri-klt.ga

  • Maritime transit
  • Groupage service
  • Door to door