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Find a Freight Forwarder in Dominica

Find a freight forwarder in Dominica with our comprehensive listing. As an island nation, Dominica’s transportation sector consists largely of seaports and airports. There are 1,512 km of roadways, but even the 762 km of which that are paved run along cliffsides and make for an unreliable and dangerous route. There are no operating railways due to the small size of the country. There are only two regional airports on the islands. The largest airport is the Douglas-Charles Airport (DOM), which provides cargo transport to Puerto Rico. The second airport, Canefield Airport (DCF), provides air freight to St. Croix, St. Thomas, and Antigua. There are two seaports, located in Roseau and Portsmouth, but these mostly service cruise lines and passenger vessels. Much of Dominica’s GDP is comprised of tourism, but the country exports bananas, soup, bay oil, vegetables, bananas and grapefruit. Dominica trades primarily with Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and imports manufactured goods, machinery and equipment.

Swiftpac Dominica (DOM)
Web: http://swiftpac1.vincyaviation.com/
9 Elliott Avenue
Roseau, Dominica
Ph: 1 (767) 448-2679
Fx: 1 (767) 440-3565
Email: domswiftpac@swiftpac.com

  • Air and ocean cargo transport
  • Express packages
  • Warehouse services

My Rush Pack
Web: https://myrushpack.com/
102 Independence St.
Roseau, DA
Ph: +1 767-245-9992

  • Providing the simplest, fastest, most reliable shipping solutions with very competitive rates
  • Delivery of small packages
  • Consolidation services

Freight Masters
Web: https://freightmasters.co/
16 King George V St
Roseau, Dominica
Ph: 767-440-9800
Ph: 767-235-8374
Email: info@freightmasters.co

  • Sea freight
  • Airfreight
  • Customs brokerage
  • Storage

Dominica Freight Systems
Web: https://www.getezone.com/
P O Box 40
Ph: 767 255 6864 or 613-1705
Ph: 767 448 0737
Email: dominica@getezone.com

  • Courier service
  • Customs clearing
  • Shipping

ECU Worldwide
Web: https://www.ecuworldwide.com/
Cnr. of Kennedy Avenue & Hanover Street
Roseau, Dominica
Ph: 1 767 448 2181 Ext. 1108
Email: Shaarme.laville@whitchurch.com

  • Airfreight
  • LCL, FCL
  • Inland trucking service