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CSX – Cleveland, OH

CSX Cleveland (CLN), known as Collinwood Yard, runs parallel to I-90 and is one of CSX’s five Ohio intermodal terminals, alongside Cincinnati, Columbus, Marion, and North Baltimore. Positioned on the Cleveland Terminal Subdivision, it accommodates Amtrak and Norfolk Southern (NS) trackage rights. The facility is accessible via the 152nd Street intermodal connector, proficiently handling both domestic/private containers and international containers. Notably, CSX collaborates with Union Pacific, offering UMAX, a domestic interline container service, facilitating efficient domestic moves.

Address: 601 East 152nd Street, Cleveland, OH 44110

Website: https://www.csxintermodalterminals.com/

Phone: 216-268-7086

Firms Code: J745

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday: 0700-2100/ Saturday-Sunday: 0700-1500

Lift Hours: Monday-Friday: 0700-2030 / Saturday-Sunday: 0700-1430