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Find a Freight Forwarder in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tourism-heavy economy in Central America that is investing heavily in its logistics infrastructure. The country’s government is planning to build a massive airport in the region of Orotina. The main aim of developing this airport is to support larger jets and also easier handling of direct flights from Asia. Costa Rica is  accessible by sea with its two ports of Caldera and the Port Limon and Moin. Ferry services offered are cheap and comfortable. There are a variety of sea transport facilities that provide easy access for goods entering the country. The country has created a new information policy aims to eliminate trade barriers. The platform will help in identifying the bottlenecks faced by companies when transporting goods through the region, and in turn boost trade.

Expeditors International (Puerto Rico) Inc.
Web: https://www.expeditors.com/
Edificio 200
Sobre la Radial Siquiares-Coyol
Alajuela, Costa Rica
Ph: +506 2437-4747

  • Transportation – air, ocean, ground, multimodal, and project cargo
  • Supply chain services
  • Warehousing and distribution

Dinamica SA
Web: https://www.dinamicacr.com/
50 West and 50 S. San Francisco Church
White Street, San Jose, Costa Rica
Ph: +506 2257-1614
Fx: +506 2257-9906

  • Customs Agency
  • Air and maritime transport
  • Land transport (Central America, Mexico, and Panama)

Sea Cargo
Web: www.seacargo.com/
Rio Segundo de Alajuela,
del Hotel Holiday Inn 400m norte,
Oficentro Santamaria, Oficina 4 A
Alajuela, San José, Costa Rica
Ph: +506 2443-5151

  • Sea freight, air freight, and land transportation
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Customs brokerage

Transunion Freight Forwarder
Web: http://www.transunionfreight.com/
200 West and 300 North of Colegio Técnico Profesional de San Sebastían
San José, Costa Rica
Ph: +506 2252-8174
Email: info@transunionfreight.com

  • Accepts small packages, consolidated cargo, and full containers
  • Customs brokerage
  • Handles special goods – refrigerated, dangerous goods, perishables, and fragile cargo

Aimi Logistica
Web: https://aimi.cr/
800m West of the Real Cariari Mall, Asunción de Belén
Heredia – Costa Rica
Ph: +506 2239-8181
Email: info@aimi.cr

  • 40 years of experience in International Freight Transport
  • Customs brokerage
  • Local Transportation service throughout the national territory

JPL Cargo Logistics
Web: http://jplcostarica.com/
From ICE 300 meters north and 50 east
Building Urban Development, First floor.
Sabana Norte, San José, Costa Rica
Ph: +506 2232-8484
Email: info@jplcostarica.com

  • Air and marine transport
  • Warehousing and customs agency
  • Express services

Henco Global S.A de C.V
Web: http://www.henco.com.mx/
Pozos de Santa Ana, Centro Comercial Terrazas de Lindora
4¬ļ Piso, oficina No. 316, C.P. 10903
San José Costa Rica
Ph: +506 2289-5863
Ph: +506 2228-2998
Email: info@hencocr.com

  • Airfreight, ocean freight, inland transport, and intermodal services
  • Project cargo solutions
  • Customs clearance and legal requirements

Alfa Logis-TicaA SA
Web: http://alfalt.net/
Plaza Madero, Oficina #6, 25 W de Esquina SW del Parque,
San isidro de Coronado, Costa Rica, 11101
Ph: +506 2229-2400
Fx: +506 2229-9444
Email: info@alfalt.net

  • Air transport – to and from the main destinations in the world
  • Marine transport – transport of goods in complete containers, consolidated services and loose cargo
  • Ground transport – exclusive (FTL) and consolidated (LTL) services in Central America and local transport

America Global Logistics C.R. S.A.
Web: http://americagl.com/
Del Cenada 100 Norte  150 Oeste
Barreal Р Heredia РSan José
Ph: +506 2293-7555
Fx: +506 2293-7444
Email: sjo@americagl.com

  • Offers air, ocean, and road transport
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Customs clearance coordination

Soluciones Logisticas Mundiales
Web: http://slmcr.com/
Tibas. 200 Norte y 200 Oeste del Perimercado de la Florida de Tibas,
San Jose, Costa Rica
Ph: +506 4000-2150
Fx: +506 4000-2151
Email: info@slmcr.com

  • Cargo consolidation / Import and export
  • Customs agency
  • International and local transport

Tico Courier
Web: http://www.ticocourier.cr/
San José, San Francisco de Calle Blancos
50 metros suroeste de la Iglesia de Ladrillos
Calle sin salida, junto a Agencia de Aduanas Din√°mica
Ph: +506 2257-1614
Email: info@ticocourier.cr

  • Commercial cargo transportation service
  • Express delivery
  • Door to door transport

Cressa Logistics S.A.
Web: https://www.cressacr.com/
Latitud Yoses Building. 5th Floor, Office 509 Los Yoses, Montes de Oca
San Jose Costa Rica
Ph: +506 2280-1122
Email: info@cressacr.com

  • Maritime Transportation – LCL (Less Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load)
  • Ground Transportation –¬†Dry, Perishable
  • Air Transportation
  • Customs Agency

M & B Logistica Integral
Web: https://www.myb.co.cr/
San Francisco de Dos Ríos, from the electrical warehouse 100 south and 25 west
Saint Joseph. Costa Rica
Ph: +506 4001-6468
Email: info@myb.co.cr

  • International transport – air, marine, ground
  • Customs brokerage
  • Distribution solutions

Mudanzas Mundiales
Web: https://mudanzasmundiales.com/
San Francisco de Dos Ríos, 1 Km. Al Este de la Iglesia Católica
75 metros al Sur del Motel La Fuente contiguo a Clorox
edificio con portones azules
Ph: +506 2207-6800
Email: costarica@gmm.cr

  • Local and international moving and transport services
  • Bonded warehouse and storage
  • Customs agency

ILG Logistics S.A.
Web: https://www.ilglogistics.com/
Paso Ancho’s roundabout, 200 mts. north.
San Sebastián, San José, Costa Rica
Ph: +506 2586-9500
Fx: +506 2227-0300
Email: ilg@ilglogistics.com

  • Customs brokerage and logistics
  • Heavy lift services
  • Trucking and ocean transport

P.L.A. Consolidadores S.A
Web: http://placcr.com/
Edificio JM, oficina #1, 275mts sur de Torre Mercedes sobre Paseo Colón
Paseo Colón
Ph: +506 2255-4412
Fx: +506 2255-4742
Email: info@placcr.com

  • Offers integral solutions of load logistics
  • Air, sea, and land freight transport solutions
  • Customs solutions

Pier 17
Web: http://www.pier17group.com/es/
ID Legal # 3-101-225422, Barreal de Heredia
Dentro del Centro Comercial Real Cariari
Piso 4 Oficina #3
Ph: +506 4001-9660
Email: info@cr.pier17group.com

  • Air, land, and ocean freight services
  • Inland transport – FTL / LTL
  • Customs Brokerage

CRC World
Web: http://crcwsa.com/
Oficentro Terrum, Bod N¬į 30
Río Segundo de Alajuela, Costa Rica
Ph: +506 2431-4341
Fx: +506 2431-4345
Email: info@crcwsa.com

  • Air transport, marine transport and caucado transport
  • Transport live animals
  • Dangerous goods handling and transport

ALE Costa Rica SA
Web: http://alecargo.com/
Caribe Real Estate Building, 1st. floor,
Guadalupe, San Jose, Costa Rica
Ph: +506 2667-0672
Email: info@alecargo.com

  • Aerial, FCL, LCL
  • Customs clearance
  • Land freight services

Web: http://dacotrans.net/
400 metros Norte de Construplaza
Oficentro Latitud Norte, Guachipelín
Escaz√ļ, Costa Rica
Ph: +506 4000-8400
Fx: +506 4000-8401

  • Air and ocean cargo services
  • Oversized freight transport
  • Customs and warehousing solutions