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Find a Freight Forwarder in Channel Islands

Find a freight forwarder in the Channel Islands using our comprehensive listing. Guernsey and Jersey are the only Channel Islands with commercial ports. Port St. Helier, Jersey, has five berths. Two berths are reserved for passenger vessels and cruise ships with a depth no greater than 11 feet. Two berths have a dredged depth of 17 feet. All ships entering the port must use pilotage services. The port has tanker and, ro-ro capabilities. The port processes about 550,000 tons of cargo per year. Guernsey has two ports, St. Sampson and St. Peter. They can accommodate ships to a depth of 17 feet, depending on tides. St. Peter’s cranes can lift a maximum of 65 tons, while St. Sampson’s cranes are limited to less than 40 tons.

Bowman Haulage Jersey
Web: http://www.bowmanhaulage.com/
La Rue Matthew Valpy, St Helier,
Jersey JE2 3NX
Ph: 01534 735158

  • Customs Clearance
  • Storage
  • Marine transport

CT Freight Guernsey
CT Freight Building Lowlands Ind Estate
Guernsey Channel Islands,
Guernsey GY3 5XD, Guernsey
Ph: +44 1481 201121

  • Airfreight transport
  • Road Haulage
  • Warehousing

Pearse Carriers
Web: https://www.facebook.com/pearsecarriers/
Roselyn,, La Route de la Hougue Bie,
JE2 7UA, Jersey
Ph: +44 1534 610031
Email: pearsecarriers@gmail.com

  • Parcel freight services
  • Door-to-door transport
  • Shipping worldwide (imports-exports)

Ferryspeed (CI) Limited
Web: https://www.ferryspeed.com/
Elizabeth Harbour,
St Helier,
Jersey, JE2 3NW
Ph: 01534 834200

  • Door-to-door service
  • Twice daily shipping service for freight to and from the Channel Islands
  • Single pallet or a full load transport

Ferryspeed (CI) Limited
Web: https://www.ferryspeed.com/
Longue Hougue Lane,
St. Sampson,
Guernsey, GY2 4JN
Ph: 01481 249094
Fx: 01481 243985

  • Next-day delivery of freight to and from Guernsey
  • Storage from own warehouse
  • Onward distribution in the UK

Alderney Shipping Co. Ltd.
Web: https://www.alderneyshipping.com/
White Rock, St Peter Port
Guernsey CI, GY1 2LNA
Ph: 01481 724810

  • Project Logistics
  • Charter transports
  • Special shipment

Channel Seaways Ltd
Web: http://channelseaways.co.uk/
PO Box 529
St Helier
Jersey CI, JE4 0ZQ
Ph: 01534 721515

  • Freight consolidation
  • Also, offer collections throughout the UK and delivery to the final destination in all of the Channel Islands
  • Operate a modern fleet of road vehicles, based in Guernsey.
  • Logistical solutions from anywhere in the world to/from the Channel Islands

Iris Freight CI
Web: https://www.irisfreightci.com/
Le Quai House Le Quai D’Auvergne,
JEC La Collette, JE2 3TN, Jersey
Ph: 01534 888717
Email: info@irisfreightci.com

  • Offer daily freight shipping between Jersey and Guernsey
  • Also, UK and worldwide freight services to and from the Channel Islands
  • Deliver small and large items

Iris Freight CI
Web: https://www.irisfreightci.com/
Ph: 01481 736188
Email: info@irisfreightci.com

  • Document Deliveries
  • Parcel transport
  • Shipping in poor weather conditions

Web: https://www.profreight.co.uk/
No. 1 Warehouse, La Route du Port Elizabeth
St. Helier
Jersey, JE2 3NW
Ph: 01534 715058

  • Domestic transport
  • Transports of furniture or dangerous goods
  • Land freight transport