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Find a freight Forwarder in Brazil

Find a freight forwarder in Brazil with our comprehensive listing. Brazil remains a fast-growing economy, particularly in export trade. The country has a highly developed air transport system and ranks in the top five globally by number of airfields. Brazil has over 4,000 airports, 734 of which are paved. The principal port in Brazil is Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) located in Sao Paulo. Outside of Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte is the main international airport. The Brazilian highway system is one of the largest in the world, with a total of 1,088,560 miles of road. Yet only 5.5% of these roads are paved, making delivery to rural areas more of a challenge. 58% of Brazil’s total freight is moved by road. The country‚Äės railroad system is underdeveloped (previous railroad systems were privatized in 1999 and liquidated). The government has announced plans for a new railroad system connecting the two largest cities in Brazil (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro).

ACE Logistica Internacional
Web: www.acelogistica.com
Rua Francisco Borges Vieira, 36
CEP 08780-360
Mogi das Cruzes, SP Brazil
Mob: +55(11)95638-1443
Tel: +55(11)2312-4733

  • Sea, air, and land freight from/to Brazil
  • Founded in 2009, serving companies from various sectors, contributing to the creation of more efficient logistics processes
  • Specialization in the transport of beef and pork, chicken and juices

Speak Logistics
Web: https://www.speaklogistics.com.br/
Rua Campos Mello, 157, Conj 1814,
Vila Mathias, CEP 11015-011
Santos-SP, Brasil
Ph: +55 1333213106
Email: contato@speaklogistics.com.br

  • Air freight: export and import; door to door service; project cargo
  • Road transport: heavy equipment transport; import and export
  • Import and export customs clearance

B & M Logistica Internacional LTDA
Web: http://www.bmlog.com/en/
Rua Jo√£o Mello, 35
Centro РItajaí
SC – Brazil 88302-004
Ph: +55 4721035555
Email: wca@bmlog.com.br

  • Coverage in 186 countries and 668 cities all over the world
  • IATA‚Äôs accredited agent, with access to all airlines members
  • Offers sea and airfreight transportation, customs clearance, tank containers

3 Logistica Internacional Ltda
Web: http://3logistica-intl.com.br/
Rua Amador Bueno, 181,
Room 60 – 4th Floor – Centro
Santos РSP | CEP: 11013-912
Ph: +55 3430620462
Email: comercial1@3logistica-intl.com.br

  • Operate in the main ports and airports of Brazil
  • Offers international transportation solutions for fractionated loads
  • Has¬†a network of agents on all continents

AUSCORP Logística Internacional & Freight Forwarder
Web: http://www.auscorp.com.br/
R. Augusto Jung, 400 – Sala 101 – Centro
Novo Hamburgo – RS
93510-340, Brazil
Ph: +55 5130357435
Email: operational@auscorp.com.br

  • Complete international logistics for micro, small, medium and large companies
  • 120 offices affiliates in the world
  • International sea, air, and road freight

MRM Freight Agenciamento De Cargas LTDA
Web: http://www.mrmfreight.com.br/
Estrada do Gale√£o, S/N
Terminal de Cargas (TECA)
Sala 207 CEP: 21941-520
Ph: +55 2133986447
Email: comercial@mrmlogistics.com.br

  • Transports by air, land, and sea
  • Provides expert advice on customs clearance
  • More than 4,000 agents in more than 700 cities around the world

Falcon Shipping Transportes Intl Ltda
Web: http://www.falconshipping.com.br/
Av. De Pinedo, 528 – Room 06 – Socorro
Cep:  04764-000
Sao Paulo / SP
Ph: +55 1123591185
Email: comercial@falconshipping.com.br

  • Specialized in freight forwarding since 2008
  • Offers Sea freight FCL/LCL in partnership with the main shipowners
  • Consolidated cargoes from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Singapore, Taipei, Shenzhen, Miami and Frankfurt

DC Logistics Brasil
Web: http://www.dclogisticsbrasil.com/
Rua Cincinato Braga, 340 Ed. Delta Plaza, sala 162
Bairro Bela Vista CEP: 01333-011
S√£o Paulo ‚Äď SP
Ph: +55 1122272752
Fx: +55 1122272048
Email: dc@dclogisticsbrasil.com

  • Provides services for¬†Air Transport, Sea Transport, Land Transport, Liquid & Gas Transport, Cargo Insurance, Project Cargo
  • A member of non-exclusive¬†agents networks such as WCA, SFN, PCN, PPL and Easy Fresh
  • Experienced in handling¬†¬†Textile, Metal -Mechanical, Equipment and Instruments Medical ‚Äď Pharmaceutical

HIS Logistica Internacional
Web: http://www.hislogistic.com/
Rod Pref. Francisco Ribeiro Nogueira, 70 РKm 65
Mogi das Cruzes
SP – 08765-340 – Brazil
Ph: +55 11950583435
Ph: +55 11964163334
Email: alexandre@hislogistic.com

  • Offers air transport service for all cargo, may it be oversized, dangerous goods, perishable, valuable, live organs, human remains
  • Provides sea freight transport services for import and export such as FCL, LCL, documentation, cargo storage, container preparation
  • The company also offers door-to-door services,¬†container transportation solutions 20 and 40 feet

World Line Freight Forwarder LTDA
Web: http://www.worldlinecargo.com.br/
Rua Monsenhor Alves da Rocha,
140 – grupo 1.015 Penha
Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brasil
Ph: +55 02122707289
Fx: +55 02125734045
Email: worldline.rio@worldlinecargo.com.br

  • Shipping all kinds and size cargo from all places in the world
  • Offers adequate packaging for all kinds of cargoes, if necessary in custom-made packaging
  • Network of agents in more than 210 countries and territories

Phoenix Ltda
Web: http://www.phoenixltda.com.br/
Pça da Republica, 87 Cj. 84
Ph: +55 1332325577
Email:  contato@phoenixltda.com.br

  • Offers warehousing services for both import and export cargo
  • Handles courier transport
  • Customs clearance services

Kuehne Nagel
Web: https://www.kn-portal.com/
Avenida das Nacoes Unidas 14171
3¬įAndar – Torre C – Crystal Tower
04794-000 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Ph: +55 1134688000

  • Provides project logistics services to customers involved in the construction and supply of industrial projects
  • Handles over-the-road service for shipments arranged on pallets, full-track
  • Offer cost-optimized routes via rail for long-distance shipments

DHL Express (Brazil) Ltda. 
Web: https://www.dhl.com.br/
Av. Manuel Bandeira, 291
Vila Leopoldina
S√£o Paulo, Brazil
Ph: +55 1136183200
Email: faleconosco.br@dhl.com

  • Has broad experience in the international market, providing services in over 220 countries
  • Provides express air transport of cargo to any parts of the world
  • Offers customs support like paperwork, duties and taxes, and global trade services

DB Schenker
Web: https://www.dbschenker.com/
Rua Geraldo Flausino Gomes, 78 – 12¬ļ
Andar – Brooklin Novo
04575-060, S√£o Paulo / SP
Ph: +55 1133189200
Email: br.sm.sao.schenkerdobrasil@dbschenker.com

  • Offer domestic transportation network combined with multimodal international transport
  • Has general air freight products and charter services
  • Handles LCL, FCL, and intermodal solutions

Panalpina Ltda.
Web: http://www.panalpina.com/www/bra/en/home
Av. Jornalista Roberto Marinho, 85 – 12th floor
Cidade das Moncoes
S√£o Paulo, SP Brazil
Ph: +55 1121655500
Fx: +55 112165 5513
Email: info.brazil@panalpina.com

  • Provides transport of cargo by air, ocean, and land
  • World‚Äôs fourth largest provider of ocean freight services
  • Offers Logistics Manufacturing Services (LMS)

DSV Air & Sea Logistica Ltda., 
Web: http://www.br.dsv.com/
Av. Eng. Luis Carlos Berrini, 105 17¬į
Andar- CP 172
SP 04571-010 Sao Paulo
Ph: +55 113198-8070
Email: info@br.dsv.com

  • Offers road transport and Logistics solutions;
  • Air and sea freight services, project transport;
  • Customs Brokerage

Expeditors International do Brasil Ltda
Web: https://www.expeditors.com/
Rua Dr. Renato Paes de Barros
1017 14th floor Itaim Bibi
Sao Paulo, SP 04530-100 Brazil
Ph: +55 1150544600

  • Offers a variety of air logistics services
  • Licensed Ocean Transportation Intermediary and NVOCC
  • Helps importers and exporters process declarations shipments through customs and associated border agencies

Web: https://www.jas.com/brazil.html
Rua Ernesto Da Fontoura 1479 Sala 503 Sao Geraldo
Rio Grande Do Sul
Porto Alegre RS, Brazil
Ph: +55 5130944999

  • Airfreight specialized solutions include consolidations moving in all major trade lanes, consol or back-to-back, etc
  • Offers ocean freight services including LCL, FCL,
  • Handles customs brokerage services around the globe

Web: http://www.tradeworks.com.br/
Rua Bar√£o de Paranapanema, 146
Sala 44 Bloco B
Bosque ‚Äď Campinas (SP) ‚Äď CEP 13026 900
Ph: +55 19 35171000
Email: tradeworks@tradeworks.com.br

  • Offera customized solutions to meet the door-to-door customers‚Äô needs of the import and/or export processes
  • Specialize in handling customs clearance
  • Can assist in the processing of a company’s registration to be an Authorized Economic Operators

Web: https://www.gac.com/
Rua Dr Bacelar, 368 – 3¬ļ Andar
Vila Clementino
Sao Paulo, SP 04026-001, Brazil
Ph: +55 1150833999
Fx: +55 115083 6492
Email: logistics.brazil@gac.com

  • Offers air freight services delivering cargo to every location around the world
  • Warehousing & distribution capabilities
  • Expert in project logistics

Marelo Interm. E Agenc. Maritimo e de Cargas Ltda
Web: marelog.com.br
CNPJ: 33.460.223/0001-90
R Professora Lucinda Bastos, 650, Apt. 108
CEP: 08750-177, Mogi das Cruzes, SP, Brasil
Tel: 55 11 2378-4556; 55 11 95638-1443
Email: joaquim@marelog.com.br

  • We have representatives in all Brazilian ports and airports
  • Best freight rates from the market with excellent service
  • Own system provides safer and faster operational processes

Gainholder Trading Company
Web: https://gainholder.com
Rua Francisco Rocha, 198
CEP: 80.420-130
Ph: +55 0800 600 7743
Email: portal@gainholder.com

  • Geographical presence in all Brazil states and more 10 countries around the world
  • Transport of cargo by ocean, air, and land
  • More than the best rates, working with business intelligence

Web: http://www.maplogistics.com.br/en-eg/
Rua Patrício Farias, 55 РSala 414
Cep: 88034-182
+55 48 3207-9088
Email: customer02@maplogistics.com.br

  • Offers ocean shipping in FCL, LCL and Cargo Project
  • Airfreight, land and door-to-door
  • Personalized customer service

Ams Transport International Ltda – AMSLOG
Web: http://www.amslog.com.br/
Pra√ßa dos Expedicion√°rios, 19 ‚Äď Ed. Win Work ‚Äď Sala 41
Gonzaga, Santos – SP, CEP: 11065-500
Ph: +55 13 3219.5050
Mb: +55 13 98151-5751
Email: daniel@amslog.com.br

  • Has services ¬†in all ports and airports of Brazil and from/to all over the world
  • IATA‚Äôs accredited agent, with access to all airlines members
  • Offers sea and airfreight transportation, customs clearance, tank containers, Project Cargo

CAB Corporation
Web: http://www.cabcorporation.com.br/en/
Rua Tapes, 585
Novo Hamburgo, RS – Brazil
Ph: +55 51 3253 4909
Email: tatianabender@cabcorporation.com.br / alineroos@cabcorporation.com.br

  • Located in the South of Brazil
  • Working with excellence in the provision of Logistics and Foreign Trade services
  • In all ports, airports, and borders of the country

Send Cargo
Web: http://sendcargo.com.br
463 – Sala 1101 – Centro
Itajaí, SC 88301-320
Ph: (47) 3021-3700
Email: import@sendcargo.com.br

  • Shipping Services Company and works with Importation and Exportation
  • Exporting different kinds of lumber and charcoal
  • On importing side, they work with Pet Shop products, Hand Bags, Wallets and some more

Spring Logistic
Web: https://www.springlogistic.com
Street Joquei Clube,230-
Prado Velho-80215-220
Curitiba- Paran√°-Brazil
Ph: +554132691625
Email: dirceu@springlogistic.com

  • Maritime transport services LCL-FCL air cargo, customs clearance, door-to-door express shipments. import and export Brazil.
  • Customs clearance, sea and air cargo, door-to-door deliveries, express shipments.
  • We take care of the entire process for your import or export, we issue the documents from the Invoice Packing-List Certificate of Origin or any other document related to your business. we present suppliers for import or export. We develop the entire foreign trade team procedure, we find the solution for all international business cases.