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BNSF – Northwest Ohio (ICTF) Intermodal Facility

The BNSF Northwest Ohio (ICTF) Intermodal Facility, strategically located, serves both Domestic and International intermodal freight needs. Offering UMAX, Private Containers, and RailPlus, it’s a vital hub for seamless, efficient goods movement across diverse markets.

Address: 17000 Deshler Road, North Baltimore, OH 45872

Website: http://www.bnsf.com/

Phone: 888-428-2673

Firms Code: H395

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday 05:00 – 23:59

Flip Hours: Monday – Sunday 05:00 – 23:59

Free Time: Governed by the CSX Transportation, Inc. Intermodal Service Directory No. 1

RailPASS Only Lanes: 

Facility Map: