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Blount Island Terminal (Jacksonville)

Facility Overview

Blount Island (Marine) Terminal is located on Blount Island on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida. The terminal is 12.5 nautical miles from the sea, with a water depth of 47 feet. The facility occupies 754 acres with 300,000 square feet of vehicle processing space. It has 250,000 square feet of open storage. It has 7,094 linear feet of berthing space, with an alongside depth of 47 feet and 764 reefer plugs. The terminal has six super post-Panamax and three post-Panamax cranes. The facility offers a turning basin for more maneuverability.

Address: Blount Island – SSA Marine 5800 William Mills St. Jacksonville, FL 32226 USA

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FDA Facility: Jacksonville Resident
Charles E. Bennett Federal Bldg. 400 W. Bay St., Ste 401 Box 5
Tel: 904-353-4560
Fax : 904-353-4772