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Welcome to the most comprehensive listing of freight forwarders, third-party logistics providers and freight consultants on the internet!

All the information on this site is hand-compiled, vetted and updated regularly.  If you would like to add your company to the list, or to update your info please go here.

We also operate a Container / Intermodal Load Board where users of the site can connect with freight service providers.

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Will Ward (Founder & Webmaster): Will Ward is a serial entrepreneur and web designer. His interest in freight & logistics comes from over 10 years of experience running several e-commerce websites and experiencing firsthand the hassles involved in complex international shipments. Email: will@freightforwarderservices.com

Mary Ann Dela Cruz (Researcher & Fact Checker): Mary is an experienced professional in the air cargo industry with over 5 years of experience from CSR to Sales to Operations Officer. Since joining the Freight Forwarder Services team in 2018, she has been instrumental in researching countries and cities for inclusion on the website, vetting freight forwarding companies, and updating their contact information. She leverages her extensive industry knowledge and attention to detail to ensure the accuracy and reliability of all information on the website.

Michael M. (Chief New Analyst): Michael McGrady is the news analyst for Freight Forwarding Weekly. He has over a decade of experience as  a journalist and news analyst, with publications in in trade and B2B publications all over the world. His journalism has been featured in Maritime Direct, Engineering Inc., The Motley Fool, Nasdaq, Tobacco Reporter, and mainstream outlets, like South China Morning Post, Inside Sources, and others. Email: michael@freightforwarderservices.com

Boxy (Official Mascot): Boxy is an anthropomorphic shipping container and cultural ambassador of this website. He has over 7 years of experience transporting everything from ATVs to ziploc bags. He enjoys sipping bordeaux, long walks on the beach, and trade economics. Email: boxy@freightforwarderservices.com