“In less than 5 minutes, you can set up a whole new stream of customers for your logistics business, risk-free… and it’ll cost you less than $5 a week.”

PLUS: Get access to our private Load Board where shippers are ready and waiting to pay businesses like yours for help!

Hi, my name’s Will. 

In this message, I’m going to show you how to generate dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of new leads for your logistics business over the next year, risk-free.

And without ever paying any more than $5 per week.

Let me explain. I run a freight website that, until now, I’ve kept pretty quiet…

But it’s the most popular freight directory on the internet right now.

We get thousands of visitors each month, each one looking for freight forwarding or other logistics services just like yours:

Here’s how it works:

People type in things like ‘freight forwarders new york’ or ‘freight forwarders miami’ in Google, and because our site ranks so well, we’re usually one of the first websites they visit.

And as you can see, we’re number 1 in the search rankings for a lot of different keywords¹

Essentially, we have a stream of customers hitting our website that want to pay for freight forwarding services.

But here’s the funny thing: I don’t actually offer freight forwarding services.

In other words, I can’t help these people.

But I’m guessing you can.

So, can I start sending these potential customers to you?

Let me explain…

I’ve decided to offer what I’m calling “Premium” listings on our website, FreightForwarderServices.com.

This means that I’m going to put your company at the top of our directory for your chosen area.

So, let’s say that you’re based in Los Angeles.

A “Premium” listing means that when a customer searches for LA freight forwarding services, and they land on our site, your company name and contact details will be the first one they see:

Once your listing is live, it’s as simple as:

 1.     The customer searches for freight services in your local area

 2.     They find us

 3.     They see your contact details first

 4.     They get in touch with you!

 Our website gets tens of thousands of visitors each year, all looking for the service you provide.

The customers are right there. All you need to do is get in front of them.

Here’s the good news:

It will take less than five minutes to set up your premium listing.

Once it’s done, you don’t have to do anything more.

Just sit and wait for the leads to come in.

Now, I won’t lie, I’ve spent thousands of dollars building up our website, and put hundreds of man hours into SEO optimisation, backlink building…

All those things agencies would charge you thousands of dollars a month to do.

That’s why we get so many visitors.

You can shortcut all of that work, and get in front of those customers today.

Sound good?

I’ll tell you the price in a second, but first, I want you to think about how much this could be worth to you.

What if you brought in 5 new customers a month, and each customer was worth an average of $200 in profit to you?

That would be an extra $1,000 a month. And an extra $12,000 in profit this year.

For five minutes work, that sounds pretty good to me.

Or maybe those 5 customers a month were worth a bit more: $400 each…

That’s an extra $24,000 a year!

You know your business better than I do. You know how much your customers are worth. Maybe it’s a bit less than this, or maybe it’s a bit more.

Either way, any day you get the chance to add potentially thousands of dollars to your bottom line in return for five minutes of work, I think that’s a good day.

So, how much is a year’s listing?

Well, the full price is $400. That’s less than $8 a week.

I still think that’s a good price, to be honest. $8 a week to unlock a completely new potential revenue stream for your business?

Not your average opportunity.

And the alternative would be paying an SEO agency hundreds of dollars a week to build links, optimise your own site, write content…

Do all the things I’ve already done, basically.

You’d definitely get results over time.

But why pay for some agency’s flash new office, when you can spend five minutes now and sidestep all of that?

Anyway, I said that the full price is $400.

But I also said this was a new service, and that I’m very eager for you to try it.

Which is why I’m offering you a special deal. A whole new stream of potential customers, for the next year…

For just $400 $249!

That works out to less than $5 a week.

Most people will blow that in Starbucks, or on a couple of beers in some bar.

I can’t really do much for them. I can help you, though.

But what if I’m wrong? What if it doesn’t work as well as I’ve shown you here?

Let’s be more conservative, then. Let’s say you don’t get as many leads, and you made a smaller amount – say $2,500 – over the next year.

Your premium listing is $249.

That would still be a 1,000% return on your investment.

All for just five minutes of work now.

And I’ve made this RISK-FREE for you

I can’t really think of a single reason you wouldn’t want to do this.

But I do understand that you might be unsure that you’ll get a positive ROI. No marketing is guaranteed to work.

That said, I’m very confident you’ll be delighted with the new stream of business you enjoy once your premium listing is live.

Which is why I’m taking all the risk off your shoulders with a full 365-Day Money Back Guarantee:


We are so confident that you will boost your traffic with your premium listings that we are offering a full money back guarantee. 

For the first 365 days, you can try out your premium listing and cancel anytime during that period for a full refund!

So you literally do not have to pay unless you get results.  

Yes, a guarantee that’s valid for the whole year.

It’s this simple for you:

Claim one of our new premium listings today…

Enjoy a steady stream of new leads to your business over the next 365 days…

And if at any point you’re not satisfied, get in touch with me and I’ll refund you in full.

I’ve literally taken all the risk off your shoulders, and put them onto mine. That’s how confident I am that you’ll be very happy you made this decision today.

Oh, and one more thing, just as a thank you for reading…

At FreightForwarderServices, we have another premium service I only share with specific businesses.

You’re still reading this, which means you definitely qualify.

The FFS Load Board: Where customers come to find You

I set up our load board so that customers in desperate need of freight forwarding services can quickly and easily post jobs they need help with.

New customers add to the load board virtually every day:

  • Some customers are looking for help shipping from point A to point B…
  • Some are looking for local contractors to move their load from port to door…
  • Some are larger freight movers look to sub-contract…

Either way, every job on the load board comes from someone who needs help, and is ready to pay for it.

Either way, these customers are looking for your help, and they’re ready to pay for it.

Leads for your business don’t come much hotter.

Now, the Load Board is normally $240 a year to access. Again, I think that’s seriously good value. You could easily repay the yearly cost with just one good customer!

But, you’re not going to pay that fee.

In fact, if you decide to take a premium listing with Freight Forwarder Services today, I’m going to throw in a whole year’s membership to our Freight Load Board for nothing.

Consider it a thank you from me for your time today.

So, decision time!

I’m offering you:

A whole year’s premium listing on the web’s 1 directory, so you can enjoy a steady stream of new customers (full price: $400)…

And a full year of access to our load board (full price: $240)…

All for just $249.

It’s about what this can do for you.

I’m offering you the chance to make a small upfront investment, and spend just five minutes of your time…

In return for the chance to be seen by thousands of new potential customers over the next year through your premium listing…

And the opportunity to go in and pick up new work as and when you see fit, using the Freight Load Board.

Essentially, this is your chance to unlock a whole new customer base without having to do any of the hard work to acquire it.

A customer base that could add hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in profit to your business, depending on your circumstances.

And, as I said, the price works out at the equivalent of less than $5 a week. Less than a couple of beers at your local bar.

And with my full money-back guarantee that lasts for the whole of the next year…

What have you really got to lose?

I’ve made this as easy as possible for you.

Literally, fill in the secure form at the bottom of the page with your details, select your local area.

That’s it. I will take care of everything else.

I’ll add your new premium listing to the top of your chosen page. I’ll make sure all the customers see your company’s details front and centre.

All you have to do is relax. As I said, it’s 5 minutes work for you. I’ve already done the hard yards.

I’ll send an email with your new password for the load board, and I’ll send to the link with your new premium listing in the next 24 hours.

Enjoy the next year!


👇Place Your Listing Here 👇

Once your listing is live, it’s as simple as:

  1. The customer searches for freight services in your local area
  2. They find us
  3. They see your contact details first
  4. They get in touch with you!

Our website gets tens of thousands of visitors each year, all looking for the service you provide.

The customers are right there. All you need to do is get in front of them.

Here’s the good news:

✅ Find the geographical page you want to publish your listing on.
✅ Select the area you want to find customers in.
For example: What services does your company offer?
For example: what geographical area(s) do you serve most often?
For example: what makes your company unique from competitors?