Grow Your Business With a Premium Listing

Dear Freight Professional, Thanks for registering for a free listing! We are reviewing your info and your listing will be published on our site within two days. But keep reading, because I’m going to show you how to boost the customer-getting power of your listing by around 3,000% … Since you’ve just signed up for a listing, you already know the value of being in the right places… … places where customers are already looking for a logistics service. After all, getting a constant stream of new customers is the life of any business. But here’s the problem…

The Ugly Truth About Internet Advertising

Have you ever researched how to advertise your company online? “Hit the right keywords on your site,” they tell you. “Buy Google ads” “Run a Facebook campaign!” The choices are endless. And it gets more complicated every day. The truth is, these are all good ways to get customers. They can all work if you have a big budget and know what you are doing. But if you don’t, they are a great way to waste a lot of money in a hurry. Let’s talk about each of these options a bit. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) This means changing your website so it ranks highly in Google and other search engines. It has three basic parts. 1) Research the right “key words”. Using software, you look for phrases like “freight forwarder in Colorado” that a customer might type into Google. You want phrases that a lot of people are searching for and have low competition. 2) Write content about these keywords. Next, you put articles on your website that provide information that will attract searchers by answering their questions. 3) Promote your content. This can be getting other websites to link to your articles, posting on social media, or even paying to advertise them. But you are a freight forwarder, not an article-writing company!  This is why many companies end up hiring SEO agencies to do this for them. The good ones start at $1,000 per month, and the bad ones can get your site kicked out of Google because they use spam tactics. Search Engine Ads The biggest one of these is Google. They make about $100 billion each year in profit from selling ads in their search results. This is a wonderful place to advertise. Why? Because you can buy ads that only show when people Google something that is related to your business, for example: “hazmat trucking Florida”. But here’s the problem with Google ads: Because they are so effective they are ridiculously expensive. Here is what Google will charge you for a click to your website for the following keywords:

“freight forwarder California” – $12.98 “freight forwarder China” – $17.04 “freight forwarder New York” – $7.70

This is not for a customer, or even a lead. This is the cost for one single click to your website. Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest. There are a ton of options, and some of them work well. But to make it work, you need to have someone “in house” to make sure you are not wasting your money on people looking for funny cat videos. Or, again, pay an agency thousands to make sure it’s being done right. 

Your Shortcut To The Top Of The Search Results

On this page, I’m going to show you how you can make your listing about 3,000% more effective at getting new customers for your business. How?   By upgrading to a Premium Listing for your company.  With a Premium Listing, your company will appear at the top of a page that is already a top Google result for people who are looking for freight companies. Let me explain. This website has one purpose: to help people who are already looking for a freight company to find the right one for their shipment.  It contains two types of listing:
  • Basic: Shows company name, contact information, and a short company summary.
  • Premium: These come above the basic listings. They are more visible on the page, and help your company get leads and connect with customers.
Here is what they look like: Screen-Shot-2019-11-27-at-10

Why Go Premium?

Jump to the Top  Take a look at this chart. It shows a small sample of our current search rankings in Google. 
You can see that our listing pages have top rankings. The same is true in other search engines. 
Why is this important?  It’s because the top 3 search results get 75% of the clicks in any search!
Even more shocking, the #1 spot is 30x more likely to get clicked than the #10 result.
With a premium listing, you will be at the top of a top ranking page for your industry and location. This will take your site from about a 1% chance of getting clicked to a 30% chance or even more!
Targeted Buyers
Notice the types of searches that we rank well for. You will see they are usually “freight forwarder in [location]”. 
Why do we target these searches? 
It is because when someone types this type of search into Google, it means that they are very close to a buying decision.
They are already looking for a company near their shipment origin or destination.
And this means you are advertising to people who have already shown they are close to making a buying decision.
Get Direct Leads
Each week, we gets dozens of leads through the “Free Freight Quote” form on the website.
Here is one example:
When you have a premium listing, we will automatically forward you all of the leads that are right to your business.  So you will also get direct, 🔥hot🔥leads from customers who are looking to book a shipment now. Grow With Us (But Lock In A Low Price) Our site is growing fast. Below is a graph of our site’s growth over the last year.  We are going to be adding a lot of new information to the site in the coming year to grow even larger. As we grow, we will raise prices in early 2020. By purchasing a premium listing now, you will lock in your rate now and avoid rate increases. 

What’s Included in a Premium Listing

Here’s exactly what you get with a premium listing:



How To Claim Your Premium Listing

Getting started is easy. 

Here is what to do:

Step 1: Choose your plan and checkout using the secure Paypal link below.

Step 2: We will send you an email with exactly how to activate your premium listing. If you would like us to write your listing at no cost, you can let us know at this stage. You also tell us about what kinds of leads (quote requests) you are interested in receiving directly to your email. 

Step 3: Within 48 hours of receiving your information, we will send you an email that your premium listing is live on the website and start sending you automatically all leads that are relevant to your business. 

Step 4: If your contact details ever change, just let us know and we will update your listing free of charge.